God has prejudged the world through Jesus. He is the first of all new born creation, the first fruits of God’s vineyard. But He also had to be the first to die to and in the flesh in such a way as to open himself to restoration of the human species, to become the forerunner of us all.

The new creation is operating alongside the old creation. The old creation was declared dead by the condemnation that fell on Jesus because He was one of us. The new creation was born from the old, was resurrected by the life that the Spirit of God in Jesus contained, and which was made obvious through Him.

Just as Noah was saved through the Ark, so too is the new creation saved through the Ark that Jesus is. When Jesus was condemned the old world was condemned along with Him. It is this very condemnation that saves us, because in recognising it, we can be free of it, just as He freed himself from it, and then us through faith in Him and his forgiveness.

Jesus is supposed to have come to bear the condemnation that falls on the unrighteous, and this He did. But We are the unrighteous, until we accept our judgement and then, having accepted the death sentence as being right and just, we gladly leave that death state and cleave to his life state, which He gives to us without any reservation. The Son of the living God had the authority, and, as “The Word”, He also had the responsibility to save His creation.

If by faith in Him we return to Him, then we have satisfied the intended creational purpose in drawing our life from Him, as He has proclaimed to be necessary from time’s beginning. If by faith in Him, we turn from our own life’s production, which turned out to be death, and draw from Him His very Spirit of life in the form of the Spirit of Jesus, then we become at one with Him in aim and purpose. We no longer formulate our own direction, we listen to His direction, which comes from and through the Spirit.

Jesus said that He came not to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. So He does not condemn the world, it condemns itself by not accepting the saving that He bought by loving it from the death condition. They refuse His life, His love, and remain in their death. John says they are condemned already, because they have not believed in the name of the only Son of God. Those who refuse to recognise the judgement of death that fell on the Son of God, will certainly not accept it on themselves.

[God has brought forward in time the reality of death because of sin, he shows the end of mankind who will not accept a new beginning][He also has shown us that new life is ours because Jesus paid for the cost of the old with His love]


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