Life now has authority over death. The story of the centurion which is given as an example of faith, is also an example of authority. He said to the effect that I have men under my command and when I say do this or do that, I am obeyed. Jesus said such was an example of great faith. But it is the matter of authority I wish to address.

Because of what Jesus has done, we have been given authority. This is an offshoot of  “All authority on heaven and earth has been given me”.

We were initially placed in the vacuum of death and His overpowering of it, but also now we are placed in a position of absolute authority in Jesus. Jesus had and has the authority of being the Son of God. Because of this authority, and His recognition of it, He was able to overpower the things of death that laid within Him which were of our fallen human nature. Because of His absolute authority, His death and the overcoming of it were able to cover us also.

Righteousness, through Jesus, has now exerted authority over unrighteousness. Life now has authority over death. The authority of The Father and the Son are absolute in their resolve to foster life in their creation. We are absolutely authorised and thereby empowered to forge ahead with a life that ‘reaches for the skies’, because He has removed and does remove all the negative aspects of life, if we are willing to believe in the positive of His promise of eternal reward, which faith brings into reality now, in this present life.


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