We see death as the cessation of the life of flesh and blood. That the fleshly body stops operating, and decay, the breaking down of the structure of cells begins. But death begins long before this.

Biblically, death began the moment that flesh and blood no longer responded appropriately to the conditions set up within the perfect structure and design of all matter, as part of the creation. The creation itself is said to be subject to corruption and decay.

It appears that, even if this was not part of the “design”, it must have been part of the “purpose”, so that man is given his own choice of good or bad, in order for that in itself to be the criteria that eventually decides who is “in” and who is “out”.  Man had to experience”sin”.

The willingness and desire to be rescued from this situation, separates the sheep from the goats. The sheep want it, the goats want something else.

Death is any and all of that which disrupts the creative design. Seen in the context of the garden of Eden, it is the corruption of the internal “circuitry” of the brain, so that it produces less, or other than the required result. Once a single flaw occurs, it gains runaway status, error compounding on error until the ‘subject’ is utterly flawed.

“Sin” is religiously seen as the bogyman in this scenario, “by one man sin entered the world, and death through sin.”  Man is both physically and morally flawed and this brings him to death, since death is a time machine that eventually pronounces “time is up”. If man was just morally flawed then He would not die? but his body, the whole person, is also subject to the results of this “moral” abandonment.

Mankind lives in this corrupted “kingdom”. Death is the ruler who sits on the throne. Enslavement to corruption is man’s lot in this human ‘life’. The outworking of this corruption (called “the works of the devil”) [works of the flesh?] creates tremendous evil in the world. Man’s thinking is corrupted, he has learnt to behave in ways that benefit himself in particular, and only helps others as it is in line with societies expectations.

All of this is DEATH. It is far below God’s expectations of LIFE. The outworking of the two “kingdoms” be they God’s or man’s are totally different. Man in his current form is really only the rough raw material upon which God can work to produce the final intended result. He cannot be “repaired”, he has to voluntarily be “rubbed out” and drawn again in the image of God through the image of Christ. He has to become a NEW CREATION.

[works of the flesh][works of the devil]


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