Life is best described by the fruit of the Spirit of God. Love, joy, peace, etc. where people are kind and loving and generous and all those good things that we commonly recognise as being desirable for the good kind of life.

But how can that be achieved? It is obvious that most people do not live, work, act or speak in this way. What is wrong?

God is love and God is life. His life goes on behind the scenes as the Spirit of love, who knows all and cares for all, even knowing the number of hairs on our head, and the fall of every sparrow. His Spirit is everywhere and in all and through all.

Yet we are not in touch with it, with Him. The birds and the animals all live according to the natural creation. Perhaps we are only animals, and that is why we fight and squabble. Yet the blackbird sings his song at dawn and dusk, a beautiful song that places him in harmony with nature and his world. He accepts without question, his lot in life.

We were made to question our life, because there is a lot that needs questioning. What is wrong?

Death is what is wrong, it needs to be answered and negated.

The life God has for us is dependent on our acceptance of it. To be at peace with ourselves and with Him. The way He has arranged for this to be so, is by giving His son in the same form as us so we can recognise in Him the characteristics of God. Because He came to teach us and then to die so we can see the vulnerability of His love and then the strength of it by removing death on our behalf.

The new life, the new creation, is one devoid of the fear of death, the fear of futility, the fear of being alone, without purpose or identity. Identity is important because death has stripped us of it. We are inconsequential beings of accidental origin without God. This new life has purpose, structure and love. It is guided not only by the best of ‘principles’, but by the giver of these ‘principles’ who gives his son back to us as the Spirit, to be with us always.

That which is invisible has more reality to it than that which is seen, even though this creation is visible and tangible. Faith in that which is unseen, produces a reality beyond knowledge, but which is experienced by those who walk in it, and made permanent on that day when all things are revealed.


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