This may be a bold, perhaps brash statement, but by the time one works through the intent of scripture, this is the only honest way to view the result, because of all the charlatans out there who insist upon retaining redemptive power for themselves.

The revealed nature of God insists that he is and always has been LOVE. That he does not operate within boundaries such as we like to throw up and operate within. Forgiveness is something that is given, offered, and is out there regardless of whether or not it is taken up, otherwise it is not true forgiveness, from the heart.

God gave his forgiveness to the world when he offered up his son, and it stands whether or not people take him up on it, whether they accept it or not. Of course what they are really doing is accepting or rejecting His son in the role of sacrificial love.

The action of reconciliation by God is “out there”, and cannot be returned. We spurn him or accept him and his great love for us, it is as simple as that. Everything necessary to be done, HAS been done, we cannot add to that because we cannot add to his love, it exceeds all, he IS all.

Even things like baptism and doctrines all become means of manipulation by unscrupulous men who only want to profit from your vulnerability and sensitivity as you grope for salvation. Jesus WAS your forgiveness. Whether you want to get into things like “repentance” “justification” or whatever, the simple fact remains that God LOVES YOU and is not concerned with anything other than returning you to the flock. Any perceived “ordinance” or whatever you want to call it is there for your benefit, to help you understand that you HAVE BEEN SET FREE BY THE BLOOD OF CHRIST, but is not an essential. “Baptism is an appeal to God for a clear conscience”. By all means be baptised, but not into anything other than the death and resurrection of Jesus. NOT to some specific group of people who claim exclusivity because of special doctrines or belief systems.


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