The cross mirrors our shame, our disgrace, and our deserved end.  And death itself is a mirror of our condition.

Words from the cross reveal our death and why it is. One cross reveals our situation, and two others reveal our response, one admitting guilt, the other denying it.

Death screams failure. Death is a disgrace and a shame to man. (And his God?).  No wonder Jesus spoke of  him being ashamed of those who are ashamed of Him and His words, when He bore our shame for us, but then people are ashamed of him displaying OUR shame??!!

The blank tomb wall reveals nothing but simply leeringly accuses and threatens us with the unknown. But words from the cross reveal our death and why it is.

Every new born baby is an attempt to introduce resurrection, new life, to a lost world. The cross addresses the tomb with “Come forth Lazarus” and the resurrection occurs, long before death wants it to.

LIFE is now ours.

[We cannot love ourselves, or accept his love, because we have rightly agreed with the law that we are undeserving of it, of Him. But He removes our shame, and we find his love].


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