Jesus seemed to see things very simply. We write about the flesh and its complexities, but Jesus said “The flesh counts for nothing”. (The Spirit is everything). Very simple. No devil or demon here.

Regarding the Spirit, He said that it comes and goes like the wind, you can’t pick its origin.

We should look at “The mind of the Spirit” and “The mind of the flesh”, as these seem to be pivotal to this latest enquiry… Romans 8-6 “For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace”. (Set your mind on things above…)

Jesus dealt with the flesh, rendered it null and void, faith claims the victory for us.

Jesus listened to the voice of the Father. He was not concerned with a voice of his own. He had always disregarded the voice of the flesh, or devil. “The devil has sinned from the beginning”. In the beginning was the word, but this seems an earlier beginning. Later In the beginning was the garden, where Adam and Eve were tempted by a serpent. They listened to a voice which was most probably generated from within them, as their mind explored its possibilities, its imagination, and its boundaries and limitations. “Evil imagination” is mentioned in the bible.  [prompted by the command]

Evil things were “conceived in the heart” and “the works of the flesh” are listed as numerous undesirable outcomes of the “fallen” state of man. “Out of the heart of man comes…”.   So much wickedness.

Jesus mind was “set on the Spirit”. He initially had no personal experience of the flesh, other than the temptation it would occasionally throw up. Just as He was in contact with his Father’s Spirit, life; so we also should be in contact with the Spirit of Jesus, the Spirit of truth, the promised Holy Spirit. Kings and prophets of old were singled out to receive God’s Spirit communication. We also now have been given His Spirit, so that “we have the mind of Christ”, whether that be literally or that we by his Spirit are in constant touch with Him, who is said to indwell us.

He has allocated death to the flesh, it is rendered obsolete and just a necessary vehicle by which the Spirit may be carried, as it was with Him also*. This is how we are to view ourselves. Dead to/in the flesh, but alive to/in the Spirit.

“I live, yet not I, but Christ lives in me”. “The life I now live,…etc. “Buried with him in baptism”.

‘If we have died with him in a death like his (to the flesh) then we also will live with him.’ (take up your cross and follow me).

We are not to be creatures of the flesh, but of the Spirit, of Him. He “killed” the flesh for us with all its wrongness, badness, evil. His forgiveness, his love, restores us by separating us from the flesh with its earthly desires. Our minds are to be removed from the things of this life, and instead focused on things above where Christ is seated with God. Focused on Him in us, on what he desires, not on what we think we desire.

“My sheep know my voice”.

[*He of course was immortalised and raised in the glorified body]


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