We do right and wrong. God judges. God has already judged and has pre-taken away the judgement of death IN HIMSELF. (forgiveness). Where does that leave us?

Knowing His requirement is that we love, we then say, “I am not loving, He has not given me His Spirit of love, He has only made it available”. This sounds like the deceptive argument in Eden?

Back to Him having removed death. The way the second premise (the requirement to love) is fulfilled, is by the acceptance of the first premise (He has removed death). But if He has removed death, we will not die, regardless of love?!??!

By removing the judgement of death, death is disempowered. Life is the only other alternative – the natural result of believing. Death is no longer a valid “argument”. Removed by God, believed by us, in trust, hope, faith. The GIFT OF LIFE is reinstated (Restarted). It is only our minds that inject death, because we are created “gods”.

To become workable, viable, we must hand over the death part of the creative process to the Creator, the “greater God”.

Death is part of the natural creative cycle which we must accept as valid in the natural. Accepting death is accounted for, it is then life that becomes the “norm”. Life is promised as a result of death being excluded. We are not to “live in” that which is excluded. “If we have taken part in a death like his, we will surely take part in a life like His”. [We must always recognise that Jesus bore the cost]

Wanting to be part of the final creation, we CHOOSE to trust in life, in love. (IN HIM). The proof lies in the cost, because it provides the worth of love for love’s sake. MAN was the origin of lies “sin from the beginning”, because “perfect” man became (a) faulty god, in opposition to the real God. Jesus would not have gone through all that if it were not true.

It is the EXCLUSION OF DEATH that brings life – man wants it to be by his production of life. Any entry of law will reintroduce death. Any death incursion is covered by His death covering.

Because of man’s origin, life cannot come from “value added” IE by the “adding of life”*. It has to be by the removal of death, so that creative life adding can then proceed in this death free environment.

The promise is of life for all those who exclude death. Death is the consciousness of our own “god” entity. Life is the inherited, adopted, consciousness of God as entity.

Life is the only true reality.

*[It is the Spirit that adds life as death consciousness is removed][Physical death reflects spiritual death, both now conquered through faith, the spiritual a”now” reality, the physical a promised reality]


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