Where is Christianity going? Ireland, the home of traditional Catholicism, has voted for gay marriage. Doesn’t this simply align with their idea of co-habitating priests?

Some Christian derivatives believe in keeping the torah, the old Jewish law. They won’t eat certain foods. As if God would worry about food after sacrificing his son!

Other groups maintain ideas that deny the proper understanding of the cross. They are left to try and establish their own salvation, and that doesn’t work!

And then there are the law keepers various. Sabbaths, no blood, clothing, hair length, special words for Jesus and God, and their meetings, and other things to discriminate between themselves and other beliefs, to try and establish their “specialness” and exclusiveness.  JW’s argue that the cross didn’t have a cross beam!

Some maintain spiritual superiority by establishing intellectual superiority.

What happened to the good old “We are all miserable sinners, just saved by grace?. Well, just as well we have realised the falseness of that claim, and are able to hold our heads up where they should be! (although of course, we once were, “miserable sinners”.)

Some groups won’t use musical instruments. Such poor theology!

Then there is the old one about how Paul in Romans seven is both a Christian and a miserable sinner simultaneously! Amazing! I thought the miserable sinners were supposed to be outside the church, not inside.

Some of this nonsense has come out of old and poorly interpreted / constructed theology. It is carried by tele-evangelists around the world.

And as for “spirit filled churches”? Well, where they are spirit filled then good, but the ones that claim to exhibit all the gifts may be able to readily demonstrate the ones that you can talk into place, but are short on actual power like healing.

So what has happened to Christianity? It appears to be dying a slow death in civilised, educated countries, while expanding in “third world” countries, where people can’t even read the bible for themselves, if they even have one. But God honours their faith, and things happen.

What are we to do in our home country? We should endeavour to the best of our ability to represent his will, and to put in place the best “theology”, and the best example of Christ living in our church by living in us.


3 thoughts on “BROKEN RELIGION [3c]

  1. How broken religion really can be. I mean, things fall apart, we fall apart or become skewed when we do not have the right center. Lord Jesus is the center of the Kingdom of God. He is the embodiment. But sometimes, we allow things about Him to separate us.

    Knowledge gets us puffed up and love is thrown out through the window. The Kingdom of God is not in words but in revelation of the power of God, so, if that theology or whatever it is called does not make people more like Christ, or makes brother go to war against brother, then we have to lay it to rest and stick with what we know is true.

    I believe God will reveal the truth in due course.

    But healings still happen today. Are we together on this?

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  2. Yes we are. Complexity often has a way of overtaking simplicity, it is natural nature at work. Working through it is sometimes difficult. We know the answer is there but defining it adequately so as to cover all the quirks of human nature sometimes appears difficult. Thanks for the comment!

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