This current creation belongs to believers. It is they who “Inherit the Earth”. But that which they will inherit from this present creation, will be its perfecting, and their place in it will be as those who are perfected after a period of probation, who have proved to be faithful to the promise, the promise of life, and the revealing of that life that they possess through faith in Jesus.

This present creation is the reality which all must deal with, both in its immaturity and its primitive deficiency, which also describes its human inhabitants. Those who want what is good and right, will accept life on the basis of the promise which it holds, which is spelt out in the promise made to Abraham, and realised in the person of Jesus. Those who consider that the attributes of love are sufficient reason to put self aside and pursue instead those things that the Spirit of life presents to them, will gain their reward both now and at His return.

Jesus overcame the limitations of the creation, overcame its death, and demonstrated the principle of forgiveness through absorbing the cost of it, absorbing the reality of its imperfections, so we could also join with him in His overcoming on our behalf,  join in His rejection of those imperfections, and accept the promise of life in a manner which produces the reality of that life. The creation then, is our home, now and forever, and we along with it will be perfected as we live with Him who is perfect, and as we wait for His return.


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