Time to try and get some clarification going re the cross and the blood.

What is the whole impact of the cross meant to be on us? We are essentially “saved by his blood”.

Basic understanding is that SIN BRINGS DEATH. So under this we are all guilty. Everybody except Christ has sinned. And then we see people die, they are buried in the ground, and rot away.

All this is supposed to be as a result of the first man’s poor choice in disregarding the authority of God and thereby bringing into man’s physiology a corruptive element which forevermore emerged in our species.

This brings the message that departure from God, separation from him, results in a natural world of sin domination and dominion. This brings GUILT. We are apparently guilty of corruption and we are extremely conscious of it.

Man is fearful of death, which is his termination of life, and the spectre of what lies beyond death looms as further punishment. Man cannot apparently escape simply by accepting that “The penalty of sin is death”, no, it goes into further territory. (called hell, which is simply the resultant pure consciousness of one’s sin state).


Then Jesus comes and dies as a sacrifice for sin. So all the penalty, results, of sin is now presented as being accounted for within the suffering of His physical body, the “sin offering” of the son of God is the only thing acceptable to God. And it is shown to be accepted, He rises into the heavens and returns to God. [he reverses the death process]

Since it is God’s love that has done this, it means that ALL SIN AND DEATH HAS NOW BEEN “PAID FOR” BY HIM. It becomes nothing, other than by the cost, the price, of the suffering borne in the process. So sin and death are now “nothing”, but we continue to operate as if it were “something”. And that something, is still consciousness of the death sentence that has always been there, even though it has now been removed.

Where does that leave us? if we are in this domain of sin and death, this primary creation, and operating as a child of it, then we are still sin producers, guilty and fearful, and DEVOID OF LIFE. And even after Jesus’s accepted sacrifice, we are still producing sin on a daily basis. It is the consciousness of sin, death and guilt, that empowers sin.

Since Jesus has removed death, we should now remove our consciousness of it, we should no longer hold to any consciousness of sin guilt and death, because He has taken it upon himself, because of His love for us. His love suffered the hurts that we produced against love. Even our estrangement from Him, hurts His love, hurts Him.

Then, allowing that sin and death have been removed from our consciousness and our conscience, [BY BELIEVING GOD in this matter*], we* replace our former identity as children of the fallen creation, with the identity of children of the ultimate creation, children of God.

So the cross is where He consumed our sin and guilt. He took our nature, our sinful nature, and the natural consequences of it. By being a man like us, and dying FOR us. Our needed response is to simply BELIEVE this to be true, to believe him, to return to Him as the originator and protector of our “souls”. To live guilt free, in His love, which is God’s natural intended order of all things.

BLOOD is simply the sign of his death as a completed indisputable reality. It finalises man’s guilt, brings it to an end, because he has taken the guilt and the penalty both. It is also a SIMPLISTIC reality. His death “turns our heads” [no, our hearts] and we willingly accept his love sacrifice for us and we are changed by the incredible dynamic of having LOVE release us from DEATH. As we believe the “theory”, (gospel message) so are we released from the reality.

DEATH, the grave, punishment for sin, are all gone because it is simply a matter of coming ALIVE to Him, rather than being DEAD in the “other thing”.

HIS SPIRIT is a living force that will come into you and guide you from that time on, it is he himself and he will come and live in you.

We are DEAD, we only need to be released from this in order to claim life, and WE HAVE BEEN SO RELEASED BY JESUS. The cross was our forgiveness, providing both our death for sin and our life from Him.

O grave where is your victory, O death where is your sting!


[*Or He does it]


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