The “Centurion News”, circa BC/AD. Reports just in from Israel are saying that a man has managed to defeat the aging process within his own body. Purported to be a criminal, he had previously boasted that if his temple was destroyed, he would raise it up in three days.

Worried about a rebellion, guards were posted over his dead body, which was later found to be missing from the tomb. No tangible explanation was offered, other than the expected statement from government authorities to the effect there was a coverup by the man’s supporters. Only his grave cloths were found inside the tomb where the body had been.

Some of his supporters claimed to have seen him in another form nearby. There had also been reports of strange figures being seen wandering inside nearby cemetery areas. A government spokesman said there had recently been some cases of hysteria and delusion in the area, and suggested it may be due to contamination of the local water supply.

Other witnesses said it was an intriguing conclusion to the case which had also included a weird local blackout of the area on the same day that the man had been executed. At the time of going to print, no further traces of the man have been discovered.


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