It is the consciousness of death as is held in the conscience, that holds us in death. To relieve us of this consciousness of death needs a severe impact of truth, that truth that is “instinctively” known by the creature known as man.

One who generates internal strife and outworks that which is hurtful and harmful, is operating as an entity who holds to a consciousness of death. [guilt and shame]. They are the natural children of this “primitive” creation, called by the bible the children of the devil.  [and it is they who do his works]

Only those who hold within them a cleansed conscience so they do not have a consciousness of death, but rather, a consciousness of life, will be capable of delivering good things to all.

Believing we are in death, are dead, holds us in that death. We operate as servants to itself, we become enslaved to our “lesser” selves because we know we are in a condition which fosters these things, the things of death.

The remedy for this condition is had by believing something other than that which we presently believe. “Believing” is simply an expression of the state of our perceived, apprehended condition insofar as we can understand it. But it is a force to be reckoned with and one which overpowers us, because it is and becomes to us, “our” truth.

The gospel is that which is brought to bear upon our understanding, upon our conscience, and which can turn us from our present belief in our death, to another belief which is of our life. But this can only occur first by believing in, and then acknowledging, our death state.

It is because we were made in the image of God that we are able to understand that we are rotten to the core. [this may be a bit harsh] This is why we condemn ourselves. And rightly so. It is also the reason we can recognise God’s love mercy and righteousness as presented in Jesus, and in him on the cross. We see in Him our own condition, and then the release from that condition.

We have an internal “mechanism of death” which is a catch 22 situation that goes around in circles and from which there is no natural escape. Only His death can break the cycle through his love, mercy and forgiveness. It is only in this way that He is able to display, reveal, who he is, and who he is to us. AND BECAUSE HE HAS BEEN THERE.

[The consciousness of death, is death itself, IS death. The conscience also testifies to this][We can be awakened to the Spirit of life by forgiveness of death]

[ONE DIED FOR ALL THEREFORE ALL DIED] so all are considered to have suffered the penalty of death, so that they are then set free from death to rise to life.


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