TRUTH [6c]

Truth is absolute, not comparative. By this I mean that real truth never changes, while that other thing that may be offered as truth, cannot possibly be so. Anything that is less than real truth, is not real truth.

Within the world of “not truth” we may find things of “limited truth”, which really are in some form, of the lie. I was going to say that a motor car is one form of truth, but it is limited in time and space as far as longevity goes. It is not part of the absolute truth, because it will rust and disappear with age, and will in any case be subjected to “eternal fire” at the end of the age.

In the world there are many people, all whom are products of Adam and Eve, and who conduct their lives in some kind of way, that is mostly a long way from the operation of truth.

To get specific about this, the human mind is capable of many things, but there is no way it could be described as operating to or of the truth, of itself. But in the scope of eternity, the mind was created to perform in a certain way or pattern that meant it would behave itself, and act in a manner that was beneficial to the rest of its species.

The human mindset is set against this truth or integrity, but can be released from its slumber and corruptive operation by aligning it with the pattern that we call the Spirit. The brain has millions or billions of active cells that connect the “dots” in such a way as to enable the operation of that which God intended, but which is strongly opposed by people at large. Jesus was said by his opponents, to be mad, just as Paul was said to be, but Jesus’ operation while on earth was singularly motivated and performed.

While Jesus conformed to truth in a way no one had done or could do before, Paul had the freedom to “be all things to all men, that he might save some”. Paul, in this way, was a conformer to truth….to be continued

Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life”  When Pilate said “what is truth..” he did not know later scripture would say, “The Spirit is the truth”. Because all of the “components” of God, amount to the same thing. It is a singular Spirit, it is a singular entity. There is a singular purpose “I and the Father are one”, said Jesus. So the Spirit or essence, is truth, and is THE truth. Just as it might take an immense operation to land a man on the moon, that happens because the whole design and purpose is aimed at that  end result, it was not an accident. Similarly (almost), when a golfer achieves a hole in one, it was because that was the intention. (perhaps a bit hit and miss with that one.)

When the entity that is God comes to retrieve his prize, that of the harvest of believers from the vineyard of the earth, it will be the culmination of a singular process and purpose, to gather into one place, the harvest of love. This is the nature of truth. Jesus’ nature was aligned with truth, so that everything he did was a result of the processes of truth within him emerging. The source of this truth was his Father, God. And that truth came from the same nature, or to put it another way, the nature came from the same truth.

Christians are those who become partakers of this truth, so they can be enablers of the truth. Only in Jesus can they do this. “Without me you can do nothing”, he said. You have to be in it to be it and do it.

The Spirit of truth may be as the electricity that feeds a TV set. The TV is complex, made of thousands of parts, but without the electricity to pass through it, it cannot function. And all of those parts have to be connected in the right way. It is like a computer that is programmed to perform a certain way, but if any of the components or software values change, it cannot function correctly. So we are like a computer that has been corrupted, we cannot function properly until the hardware and software is functioning correctly. This is necessary for its “truth” to maintain its integrity.

If we start to think of truth in comparative terms, that this particular thing by comparison with another, has a greater truth, then this is comparatively meaningless, because both items are not perfect, therefore neither of them can claim to be truth, or to be true. They are both deficient. When it comes to Christians, that measure of them that is of the truth, will be glorified, and that which is lacking in them will be added, to sufficiently enable them to be saved, and that which in them is lacking due to non compatibility, due to “untruth” be destroyed. They don’t have to be “completely” perfect, because what is perfect within them is already perfect. So integrity is maintained.

The way, the truth, and the life, are at one with the Spirit and with love, with God. It is singular as he is singular. To be filled with the Spirit is to know the singularity as it is, to know him. And the life lived close to the Spirit is the life that is conscious of its conformity or otherwise, with the truth.


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