The butterfly was found on the grass beside the bush which held the chrysalis from which it had emerged. Its wings had not unfurled as they were intended to do.

Normally they emerge and climb on the bush to a suitable spot where the sun helps them to unfurl the wings and then set them into magnificent objects of flight. This one appeared to be the victim of a cold snap of weather, and another chrysalis on the same bush failed to mature even to the emergent stage.

If we were to guess at a figure of 1% of failure of the natural process they undergo to maturation, this still results in millions of this particular creature, the Monarch or Wanderer butterfly, around the world. Photos of them in great clouds can be found particularly near Mexico I believe, although that may not be accurate. I may be thinking of South America somewhere. [North America, apparently]

How many people then, having emerged from the womb, fail to develop their wings into the intended magnificence of God’s people? If we consider the comments about wide is the way that leads to destruction, and narrow is the gate to life, we may think that maybe the butterfly figures are reversed. Say, 99% of people are on the wide path to destruction?

Figures like this seem extraordinary, yet this is the perception. But what of the situation around the world insofar as Christian countries versus non-Christian countries and its effect on people and cultures?

Currently there appears to be a situation where, because of immigration, it is very obvious that a stable Christian area can be upset by the influx of people who have lived in a non-Christian country. Contrary to what modern thinking would have you believe, this has nothing to do with prejudice. It has to do with the fact that they have come from war torn areas and places where barbaric and cruel customs are in partnership with primitive religions and religious practices. And they bring all this with them.

Historically, criticism has been aimed at people within Christian countries as those who are Christian “in name only”. But if you look at the peace prosperity and stability that has arisen BECAUSE of them being a “Christian” country, it is then obvious that there is more to it than this. You then only have to look at the countries of origin of these immigrants to see the very opposite conditions in place, where, unless controlled by some barbarous regime, [which can be even more evil] factional fighting to the death within cultural and religious groups is commonplace. Along with disease poverty and hunger. [and anger]

So if there were to be figures which revealed from whence came the larger percentage of those who are to survive the narrow/wide criteria, and which appears to be only common sense because of the wide disparity between peaceful Christian areas and primitive non Christian areas, then Christian countries would appear to contain the larger proportion of “survivors” of the judgement to come. As corruption continues to grow through the introduction of corruptive elements from various sources, and the increasing malady of the kind of deception EG the accepting of homosexuality and the falling from favour of all Christian principles, then so “Christian” countries, those that have been favoured by the God of love mercy and justice, so as to enjoy peace and prosperity, will decline and fall to the aggressiveness of  lesser moral forces.

Back to the butterfly and the 99% survival rate figure. The butterfly just wants to be a butterfly, doing what butterflies were designed to do. Because of the limitations of a “fallen” creation, the 1% failure rate can be considered normal. But man is to suffer a 99% failure – what is the reason?

Whereas the butterfly is by nature conformed to what it is, and is destined to wander from flower to flower seeking nectar without any other option, MAN has a will of his own, and, having left behind Him the nuisance of God controlling His destiny, [which gives 100% success] has decided to pursue his OWN course of action, and as a result has forced upon the world a scenario and environment where evil is both originated and perpetuated.

Under these conditions, it is miraculous that ANY are to be “saved”.

[God so loved the world that he gave his only beloved son that whosoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life][   ]



4 thoughts on “SOME BUTTERFLIES NEVER DO [402]

      • I’m just reminded of Worm Theology; “Oh such wretched souls are we lowly worms, insignificant ugly defiled creatures that God would deign himself and become lowly as we to save some of us – why just one of us being saved and transformed is a miracle – why we should rejoice (in all humility and shamefulness) that God would want to save at least 1% of us even though we deserve the fate of the 99% of us whom God’s sovereignty delights to punish in all his wrath that we deserve.”


  1. You’re not telling me that is an actual quote are you? (Although it’s a good composition from an obviously ‘fertile’ mind). It’s just how the figures seem to stack up – many millions will of course be “saved” from having to face up to the reality of God’s love that they would have otherwise rejected. People call it “wrath” because it is not happiness, but they choose to reject the one thing that would remove their inner conflict, they reject him who is the resolution of that conflict and choose to retain the conflict that ultimately governs their permanent reality which is the result of that conflict. If there was no conflict there could be no resolution, but God chose between the option of no conflict no result, or conflict with good and bad result. Worms and butterflies don’t have the luxury of considering that option.


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