The thing is that people don’t seem to appreciate that judgement and resurrection are NOW things of the present time, and that nothing is going to save you if you have not accepted Christ in THIS life, nothing to do with the next at all. There will be no “second chances”, this should be made clear.

To try and say that there will be some kind of cleansing [after death] that will then permit people to “enter the kingdom of God”, is completely wrong and misleading and deceptive. Yes it is just another lie of “The Devil” put forward by the Catholic church. It helped their coffers immensely, and now they are still trying to exert their influence over people even if they have backed away from the money side of things somewhat.

If you are not resurrected in this life, you will certainly not be resurrected in the next. If you are not a new creation now then you will never be unless you become so BEFORE you die in this life, seeing as how you are already DEAD, not having accepted his invitation to leave your death and to enter into his LIFE. (Jesus).

It is only what you are in THIS world that will be confirmed permanently in the next.

[And this IS the judgement, that the light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light; for their deeds were evil. John 3-19][strangely, it is our present death that is also confirmed by our consignment to the grave, but which Christian hope holds the victory over]


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