Could you be in conflict with God? Our natural human nature state is to be so. Conflict is normal in those not reconciled to God, to goodness. They are those who naturally are involved in the opposite of goodness.

People who are opposed to God’s cleansing action through the demonstration of his mercy in Jesus, are opposed to God. People who oppose God’s people who have been so cleansed, are opposed to God.

Conflict exists because there are two opposing forces at work. If there is a good force and a bad force, conflict results. When those two opposing forces are at work in a person, that person is reduced to operating in very poor ways.

Good people may be in conflict with evil. Evil people are in conflict with good people.

The opposite of conflict is peace. There can be no peace for those in conflict, who remain in their human nature, their “flesh”. Men become caught up in a battle of bad conscience consciousness when they are aware of the good while simultaneously experiencing that they themselves are operating badly.

Evil arises out of this conflict which has occurred because of transgression, because of failure, because of a mistake, because of man’s free will. Peace can only come from acquiring God’s free offer of mercy, forgiveness, love, grace. It is only this that will quell the inner conflict, and free people to then deal with the outer evil, the external conflict. In being freed they swap states from evil to good.

Men experience this conflict as “wrath”. It is the force for good coming in contact with the force for evil. It is man’s enlightened conscience that is the victim. Release from this wrath is by belief that it has been taken away by the one who is acting for the good; God.

Jesus, and his Father through him, were the recipients of this “wrath” as good acted on bad. Good won. “Good” is an organised state whose integrity is all for the good, it is the nature of love. Evil has an “integrity” that is gathered around the theme of badness, it is organised chaos, designed to disrupt the working of the good, because it is the very opposite state of good, the disruption of what is good. Man was God’s creation, organised good, but he fell into the disruption of less than Godly activity.

Those who have experienced peace have this as their foundation, even if they appear to be in conflict with some external evil, they can return to peace, and in fact never lose their internal peace. Natural man only has internal strife, which leads to external strife also.

[“Freed” people are then placed in conflict with those people who are still imprisoned in their conflict, as they are at one with God][Godly conflict is intended to draw people to God, while evil conflict is designed to separate them from God.][either way, separation of good/bad takes place][law produces and defines conflict][wrath hopefully brings about “caterpillar soup” – see next reblog post [406]. [resisting God, IS the (primary) conflict][conflict has a place in refining Christians][People feel wrath everyday in their conscience][The correct view of wrath, is love].


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