Wrath is UNREQUITED love? Well it is, but it is rejected love, it is ongoing resistance to it, and ongoing denial of it. [we see love as a threat, we interpret it as accusation]. We fear. It is not wrath on God’s part, but is perceived by us to be, and it generates wrath IN US.

This resistance generates HEAT, friction, agitation of the brain cells, and is sensed, interpreted, as WRATH, anger. There is a lot of it about these days. It was what killed Able when Cain sensed his sacrifice was not good enough.

Wrath is the opposition to the acceptance of love, like the law, in the presence of sin, love causes CONFLICT. [Law brings wrath]. God’s love for us while we are still in the possession of sin, causes us to react guiltily.

So RESISTING GOD is the conflict. This puts him on one side and us on the other [like the “great gap” or “gulf” in the rich man poor man parable.] It is the gap between right and wrong, life and death, righteousness and unrighteousness.    [adversaries]  [Our flesh reacts and we are caught in the middle because of guilt?]

[Wrath in us is actually the judgement on our own unrighteousness that we have created and brought upon ourselves] [In this sense, can we be said to have”Killed” ourselves?][Is death in us simply an awareness of our sin state?][We have judged ourselves as unworthy of Him of His love, His redemption?][It still amounts to rejection of His love, of Him].[love is a threat to the “I” that is the ego, that which I perceive to be me, my identity, the one forced on me by “the fall”?].[Is love desirable enough for me to cast off my old state and accept His?][can I accept the pain it seems to bring?][the answer lies in letting go of my old identity]

Man’s problem lies in that he is capable of judging, having been made in the image of God, he is effectively a “god” himself. His defense is to hide from this image, this fallen godliness.



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