The normally accepted view of conflict would be that which is represented by Paul’s “I pummel my body…” and his comment to Timothy of  “Fight the good fight”.

Before looking at these examples, does this then mean that my previous assertions regarding conflict being largely something which, “having been overcome by Jesus is something that we are then to see as already having been overcome”, should be questioned?

Is this then going to lead us into a place which declares we, having been shown the way, having been presented with a victory “fait accompli”; then means we are given the power, not simply to see the situation as “overcome”, but given that power in order to enter into and duplicate His victory? Rather than simply considering it to be so.

An old saying is that “the old man is dead, but he won’t lie down”. Looking at Paul’s pummeling statement, it seems that he was actively engaged with his flesh, even though he said “consider yourselves dead to sin”? Then again, he says “put to death that which is earthly within you”. Some clarification is needed.

Considering that “the flesh” is actually we ourselves, in our natural state, and then we become enlightened as to the reality of God which puts us out on a limb regarding our conscience and consciousness of our poor position regarding judgement and eternity; does this mean that our identity shifts (we shift it, is shifted by faith) from being a part of this present body, to being part of HIS body and HIS identity?

Does this then leave us as HE was in this world, wearing a mortal “sinful” body but having a spiritual consciousness? Are we then like He was, as those who separate (polarise) our spiritual consciousness from our flesh consciousness? Then He ended up facing, confronting “His” flesh, “this body of death”, and “destroyed” its imperfections, destroyed its inherent death. Destroyed in him, but ‘only’ abolished for us? [faith making up the difference].

And the 64 thousand dollar question, do we then, are we empowered for the purpose of, engaging the flesh and converting it by overpowering it and claiming it as promised land territory? This would mean that “by faith” (by gaining strength from his established victory [by drawing on his spirit] ) we as created people who by nature [were objects of wrath] were only in the pre-formative condition of “raw” creation which now needs to be CHANGED by faith into that which is then acceptable to enter heaven?

From whatever operation we are involved on earth, it is plain that what we are is being stored up in heaven, to be later revealed. That means that we are acting on his promise and in good faith, encouraged and empowered by the spirit he has given and gives, to embark upon a “quest” of domination of the natural creation which also includes ourselves, by His Spirit of power and LOVE.

Resting in Him by virtue that we are now risen with Him in heaven, means also that we bring this heavenly status down to our earthly position in order for it to be effective in the actual reality of spiritual life on earth, just as He was. So the “I” of my identity is now empowered by the identity he has given by His Spirit in me. HIS identity reproduced in us.

So the conflict that has been removed from us [is not to leave us in a vacuum] has been done for us so that we might then re-enter the conflict EMPOWERED to enact that which He has already put in place, and which is reflected by His (and now our) heavenly status [reality].

[Or is this falling into the trap of “wanting to do it ourselves”?][Perhaps we tend to look for “spiritual” realities when they are already in place in front of our noses and we just need to engage them?]


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