Having already stated that Jesus was different to us because He was coming from a position of non-corruption and perfect integrity, and it was from this perspective that he talked to the (corrupted) people of the world; I now wish to state that his attitude probably arose because his view of creation was as it had been created, PERFECT, and that anything coming against this was viewed as DEFILEMENT.

As in, “It is not that which enters a man that defiles him, but what comes out of a man is what defiles him”.

Let’s start with a statement that ‘we are perfect, have been perfected’. [because of Him].

EXPLANATION.  His Spirit has perfected my spirit. Inasmuch as I have engaged with Him in whatever terms I have been capable of, the process involved has lead me to the conclusion that the transferring of His spirit to my spirit has basically “cleansed” my spirit to be like HIS undefiled Spirit or state of being.

The view to be taken is that Jesus sees all things as undefiled unless we defile them, mainly referring to ourselves. We are clean in His sight, and He expects us to be clean in our sight also. Anything less is a disservice to scripture, to Him. To be true to who HE is, we must be true to what he says WE are, which is that he has cleansed us “by his blood”.

Lazarus was an example where some people say that Jesus was angry, that his tears were not of sympathy, but were from exasperation of the power death had over people, and their lack of faith in God. Whatever is true here, it can be seen that if He viewed every situation as one in which people were being defiled away from a proper view of God, then He would see everything as perfect unless it was being rendered imperfect.

So our condition according to Him is that we are perfect in spirit (because of His indwelling Spirit) unless we allow defilement to take place because of doubt, fear, unbelief etc. That the position of our spirit being perfected by what HIS SPIRIT has done for us and by faith in it, Him; remains regardless of what external extraneous things are going on, and it is lack of faith that securely holds us locked in to that.

HE cleansed HIS temple (body) so He could then cleanse OUR temple (body). Every new day we wake up to “morning has broken; like the first morning…”. and then we break it literally, by defiling it in some way. What I am saying is that we should be living in our gift of perfection [that is the Spirit] that He is, and has given to us. The term “Holy Ghost” is probably very appropriate. There is indeed a mystery of Christ in us and we in Him, and yet one which increasingly is becoming less of a mystery.

The creation itself was perfect until Adam defiled it, himself, and became one of ‘The defiled ones’, of which we also are/were party to. We can have no greater confidence in Him than that which comes from full acceptance of our cleansing and the fruit that this then brings.

[Allegiance to the Holy Ghost][There is no need for defilement because He has given us defilement free status.][our identity is essentially that of our spirit, and our spirit in subjection to HIS Spirit = victorious living][we are clean, anything that comes out of us that is not from our undefiled spirit is coming from “for He knew what was in man” and is of death which has been forgiven and his love can reclaim us from that position][We can be permanently undefiled because we remain in His love, which is the state of undefilement.]

YOU ARE PERFECT, HAVE BEEN PERFECTED IN HIM. Your conscience should now have been perfected in consideration of where you stand before him.

[we are not ‘defiled ones’ as those seeking to remove bits of our defilement [of the old creation], we are those who HAVE BEEN cleansed from our defilement by Him and stand undefiled before Him [as the new creation].


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