And you say, how can this be true? this is just another platitude thrown out by those completely devoid of reality.

But it IS true. BECAUSE if God has taken steps to REMOVE your imperfections, then all that is left is what is PERFECT. And what is left is perfect because you were originally DESIGNED that way, it’s just that you picked up a few problems along the way between there and here. [perhaps quite a few].

Then you might say, well if all my imperfections were removed, there would be nothing left of me! But that is not true. You were made with all the bits necessary to become, in this world, a properly operating human being, full of life and love. WHAT WENT WRONG?

Well it doesn’t even matter to worry about the particulars of what went wrong, it only matters that those things have been actioned by God and dealt with, because he is only concerned about recovering the real person that you are, from the unreal person you may have become. His love is so great that he has already taken the necessary steps to enable your recovery.

Recovery from where I am TO WHAT? you might say. And this is the interesting point. That your recovery which he has already put in place for you, amazingly places you back into that original creation design. And that design recovers you not only to some place whereby you are able to shine in THIS world, this fundamental creation, but places you in the original intention of a perfect and perfected creation which will last forever, and you with it.

The imperfections of this world have caused him the grief of the suffering of his son, of his very heart, just as you as part of his creation have caused him that same grief. But he sent Jesus into this world to remove its imperfections by revealing who he is and how the nature of love is such that it is prepared to suffer all that is wrong, so we might see all that is right, and return to Him, return to love and the image it embodies, and which image YOU ARE.

You have been forgiven EVERYTHING that has ever separated you from Him, from the love that he is, and the love that you also once were. You are, and always have been, his child of love. In Him because of Him and through Him, you have been perfected. All your imperfections have been removed “As far as the East is from the West” and He remembers them no more. His love is also YOUR love, and is freely available simply by believing in Him. Ask Him and He will send His son to you to help you live your new life as a son or daughter of the living God who is the father of this creation and of you also. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Your imperfections have been removed forever, just leaving you and Him, the one who is love. Do not choose to deny this your TRUE identity which is in His son of love, in order to retain the OLD one which is devoid of love, devoid of Him.

Those who are in Christ have become a part of the new creation, the old one will pass away, is passing away, has passed away.


4 thoughts on “GOD SEES YOU AS PERFECT [412]

  1. Scriptures record that the saints are still growing into perfection. We know in part and profesy in part…but we should be perfect just as our heavenly Father is perfect. We are like Christ in this world…but we shall be like Him when we see Him as He is. There is a measure of perfection Lord Jesus desires of us at different stages of our experience in Him.

    There is the perfect work that Lord Jesus has done for us. But there is an ongoing work of God in us…He that has begun a good work in us is able also to perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ.

    Relating to the letters sent to the seven churches as recorded in the book of Revelation, some churches were not found perfect, by the Master. That related to the on going work of God in them and their yeildedness to the Master.

    The Master is removing what is not His and filling is with Himself.

    The Father sees us blameless through the work of Christ, however, we are on a journey to perfection in Christ.

    I hope I have not misunderstood you Dear One.


  2. Thanks ELA. I gather you are speaking of the issue of perfection as not yet having been attained? Yes you are correct. My writings are rarely going to be conventional. But I speak of the perfection in which God sees us as He has provided it for us to lay hold of, that we cannot lay hold of what we can’t don’t or won’t perceive to be the truth. That His truth is that in His plan we are all perfect unless we choose imperfection. Hope that clarifies somewhat.


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