All Christians are priests, and may even be kings! “You are a royal priesthood…”  And “He has made us to be kings and priests…”  And Rev. Kings and priests…

My initial interest in “Kings and priests” was because of the teaching that ‘this means when Christ returns and sets up a kingdom on the earth’. But this is not what happens. Being kings and priests refers to Christians NOW. We are reigning with Him NOW. If we are considered to be with Him in heaven NOW, then we certainly are “reigning with Him”.   [Eph. 2-6]

There is no “millennial reign” on earth, and if this is what it appears to be if some Antichrist were to show up, then there would be mass deception. If it appears that some people were to be given the opportunity to rebel against some purported “christ”, then you will know it is the antichrist, since when Christ returns there will be no opportunity to do anything at all.

But the priest thing is of interest because of the Catholic priesthood, where the power that has been given directly to man via Jesus, via the Spirit, has been diverted into human hands. There is no opportunity, or even need, to be in touch with the Throne of God, because there is a pope and thousands of earthly priests to do that for you. Your guidance and leading by the Spirit is no longer your concern, because they are there to do that for you.   (would that be considered as sarcasm?)

This touches on an interesting aspect, that of the forgiveness of sins. Jesus was lampooned by the religious leaders of the day because of his claim to be able to forgive sins, and they said no one but God could do that. But here we are, priests with him. This means that Christians have the authority to forgive sins also. And not just the Christians with a white collar, a fancy hat or a scarlet robe. All Christians have the power and authority to forgive sin, since it is the power of love that removes sin.

[Love covers a multitude of sins][sin has ALREADY been forgiven][Actually the catholic situation is really bad because they have reinstituted that which Jesus did away with, the religious priesthood system. And worse than this, by doing so they are not representing Christ but replacing Him and thereby NEGATING His whole mission.]

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2 thoughts on “ALL CHRISTIANS ARE PRIESTS [413]

  1. This post strikes on something that has unfortunately lingered for nearly two millenia. Many believers are loosing grip on Christ and the privileges that all members in the household of faith should enjoy. I notice that although many believers profess to be in this Priesthood, its usually mere words. In practice, they have turned over the privileges to some other persons.

    Unlike the Old testament in which the priesthood belonged to just one tribe, the New testament has all its members as priests. Funtioning as such means walking in a light that believers should live in by default.

    God bless you Dear One.

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