Yet it is very simple. Although there can be many aspects of who I am, described in various ways, I am still me. When God has performed that which he has, it is to ME that it is addressed. No matter the mechanics of the actions involved, it is ME he has forgiven. And I must face Him knowing he has forgiven me.

We cannot hide behind various descriptions of “parts” that may make up who we are. By his action he has dealt with the whole of it, the whole of me. My identity, I, the one I know as Me, has only one face to present to the world, that is either the face of one who is forgiven or the face of one who is not forgiven.

Whatever may be the complex reasons as to who I am, or how I come to be where I am, God has declared it all to be of no consequence because of His love that has acted through his son for me. He has empowered me to overpower and take control of every aspect of who I am, because every component that may be in rebellion within me, has been rendered powerless by his forgiving love of who I am in his sight.

Declared innocent by his mercy. Declared innocent by his blood. Declared innocent by his death and resurrection. And not only innocent but desired for who I am, as his son, adopted into His son, part and parcel of his greater life by his greater Spirit..

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