Everyone needs forgiveness, because they need to be forgiven from things of this present existence, to qualify for the “next” existence. This simply means that the present existence is obviously flawed, that to keep count of the things we do wrong means we are stacking up evidence against ourselves. This is akin to creating a “law” of wrongness.

The “next” existence, is one where the good things or things that are right are also listed, this time in our favour. But the “next” existence requires we are ALL of the good and right things. The only way we can be on the ‘right” (new) list is for the “law” of the flawed list to be removed.

This is done by forgiveness of the “law” list of wrong things. In reality, we are operating in an inferior environment in which if we keep track of our performance, we fail dismally. Constantly operating in failure is very depressing. We need to live in an environment where, because the motivation is towards our overall benefit, we can recognise that the things we do wrong are not held against us, are forgiven, so we can be released from the bad depressing influence of it all.

Furthermore, the big thing is that the motivation behind everything is indeed working FOR us, not against us. So we should recognise that the reality of this present life in terms of the raw facts of our operation, are against us, in the natural state we “sin”. But the power of this is because we do not recognise that the one behind it all is FOR us and actively works to bring this to our attention, so we can rely on it, on Him.

If we want to stick with the available “facts”, the available “evidence” of our inferior operation, then there will be plenty of evidence to show this. The ONLY way this can change is if we accept as a gift, the removal of that which stands against us, that list of factual damnation against us. Only God can do this, and He wants us to let him do it. In fact, this is about all he asks, other than recognition for his son having made it possible, and out of which recognition will arise appreciation for the good things now available to us. Being released from the influence of the evidence against us will move us into a whole new dynamic of life.

If we do not accept this way out of the problem of mediocre performance, if we prefer to hang onto the list of defects we have accumulated, then this list will still be attached to us when we try to move onto the next life (when we die). So the next life will become the next death. Only by shedding that list are we free to grasp life to create a new list which is always in our favour. This brings us to an appreciation of his love for us, and the new life and the new list we carry will guarantee us a place in the resurrection of life.

Living on the new list means that this present life takes on a whole new perspective. Life becomes amazingly different!

[this of course means we have to forgive others also]


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