Much of the problem of enabling people to come to grips with what their actual relationship with God is, or what that relationship could be, is because a lot of scripture has to relate to man on the basis of his own ignorance.

Old testament times particularly could only deal with man at a primitive level, because this is where he was at, at the time. Now however, we pretty much have all that is necessary to gain a good understanding of just how God feels about us.

Scripture says God is jealous. Sorry, NO. But to put explanations in human terms was necessary to convey some meaning within the context of our ignorance. Jesus said, “For the lack of knowledge my people perish”. He brought a new understanding of God. “You have heard it said, …” But I say to you…”

People find it difficult to comprehend that God is a Spirit. What on earth does it mean? That He is love. What does THAT mean? Salvation is said to be by faith “in his blood”, and in this form, salvation becomes available to simple belief, and it is really only “simple” belief that can achieve this. “Like a child”.

Jesus came “to give us an understanding”. He calls us friends. God’s love is so vast and complete that it has already encompassed our deepest needs, and it is this love on this basis that has wrought in Jesus our salvation, by disclosing and revealing that He and His love, which is in and which is, his son; do suffer and have suffered all that came against him because of our failings, our wrongness, our un-love.

All that was going to unfortunately befall his beloved creation, he suffered within himself, and the son followed through until his body which was racked with pain, and his soul also, had yielded to his love and been overpowered by it. This first born of creation emerged from the fire as a completely new being, it not being the blood, but that which the blood stood for, the giving of a life, the taking of life itself, as love was the life that suffered for us, and this was the sacrifice.

The creation was finished as soon as he had declared “It is finished”, even though it was finished from the beginning of the world? His love is the power and the creative force that overcomes all that is not of itself, and in the cross that power was manifested to the uttermost. God never held or holds anything against us. If we remain in death, it is by ignorance or freewill that rejects Him, His love. He loved us all from the beginning, and always has. It is Him and His love we are free to reject or to accept.

Unforgiveness is of our will, not of His. He is just loving us and always has loved us, but we must recognise that, recognise Him. Because you have always been loved, you have always been forgiven. But it is your recognition of Him that is required, not that He does not or has not recognised you, since you have been known by him from the beginning. “He himself is our forgiveness”. Jesus is His love, Jesus is our forgiveness, that we might become part of His love, and love in return.

We must recognise love and be at one with Him who IS love.  Accept His forgiveness, which is and always has been, freely given.


One thought on “YOU WERE NEVER UNFORGIVEN [420]

  1. God has given us the free gift of forgiveness. He always has. Accepting that gift and approprieting it with the Love of God is another matter altogether.

    If we make ourselves work for what the Father has offered us freely, something is wrong. We need to get working knowledge.

    My people perish for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

    Firm point Dear One.

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