Many people and groups over the years have tried to get a handle on when the end times are to be with us, and have failed, sometimes quite spectacularly. Every generation has probably had a go at this one, and I myself have not wanted to “touch it with a ten foot pole”.

There has been “a lot of water under the bridge”, a lot of history and a lot of activity. The two world wars particularly, with the loss of many millions of lives must have aroused apprehension about what was going on and what was to come.

I noted the multiple “red moons” Israel/USA event recently, and of course we have world wide terrorism going on, and the threat of problems with hunger and starvation on a large scale, and the expansion of ambitious nations with the ever present threat of nuclear activity.

David Rice on his blog has a huge content of signs of the times for those who want to look into it a bit more.     see “The Weight of Convergence” for the end of time [“5773”] quoted by many civilisations.

The predicted “rise of the AntiChrist” to come, [if this is not already current] and the world “tribulation” is problematic in terms of interpretation for one as insignificant as myself. Others have strong views on these things. There could be much to come in the way of war and disease or multiple reasons for mankind to be afflicted in various ways.

OR NOT.  The people of Syria might protest that they have seen most of these things already. If David Rice is correct and the star sign given in Revelation is true, then this could be a significant indicator of the time we are in. Also particularly perhaps, the reference to Israel’s modern day resurrection in 1947/8 in that those who saw this “would by no means pass away” before they saw all this starting to happen, appears very indicative.

If Spiderman were around, I think he would say that his “Spidie senses were tingling”…

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