How could human nature, the flesh, the basic “animal” like nature of man who once was the image of God, ever be changed back to being like Him?

When we look at the “works of the flesh” and “that which comes out of the heart” and that which is “conceived in your heart”, and all the dreadful things that man perpetrates on his fellow man and the creation in general; how can it possibly be that this very corrupted basic nature could ever change?

Many religions offer up possible meanings of life, for life. But none offer a new creation which is to last forever. Except one. Religions seek to restructure the existing creation or to go off into some fantasy world of spirits and reincarnation. There is a decided lack of sticking with the facts and realities as disclosed over many years, of an existing God of reality and who indeed did bring about this visible creation.

There is a failure to observe the revealed information about God being a Spirit, what we would call supernatural, and failure to acknowledge all the evidence which points to something or someone who is unseen, yet very powerful.

When scripture says “How can we ignore so great a salvation” or similar wording, this turns out to be superbly understated. The apparent complexities of scriptural matters resolve into one big surprise – that what we have been given as a gift in this life, is meant to be changed to the next creative stage which is that of becoming involved with the perfection of God, as He pursues us to perfect us and CHANGE our basic humanity into something which closely resembles HIS divine nature.

He gives us amazing impetus and motivation and authority to actually bring about changes in our basic creational structure, backed up by supernatural resources, and which can even bring about physiological changes in our bodies!

When we believe the message of liberation from corruption and we reach out to this invisible God via His son Jesus, amazing things are potentially drawn into place, and we only have to be true to his plan in terms of commitment and belief and trust, in order to tap into Him.

He has already given us this amazing and wonderful body which He now desires to bring to fulfillment, to fruition. Just as Jesus became the first fruits of this creative process, so too are we able to join with Him that we also might then become further fruits by “participating in the divine nature”.

As complicated at times as this message seems to appear, it is the childlike acceptance that draws us close to the reality of his pulsating heart of love, which is a powerhouse of energy for the overpowering and overcoming of all opposition. It is an incredible testimony to its own truth that scripture does reveal this marvelous “mystery” for us to behold with our opened spiritual eyes.

Other religions become poor imitations at best, and do nothing to save man from his entrapment within this worldly system of decay. Only the promise, backed up by the results, can spectacularly deliver the goods in terms of renewed and restored lives, with healing of both physical and spiritual elements involved, and an outcome of eternal life.

[There is one name given under heaven by which we must be saved] [Jesus] [Life and light not darkness and death]



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