Now, as a friend who is into a legal type religious belief said to me as a proof against the law being abolished, “Does that mean I can go and murder someone and it is lawful?”.

It is all a matter of correct perspective and understanding.

There was never any law from the very beginning, there was and is only God and His essence, his being, his substance. He himself is complete in his existence and there needs to be no law associated with Him at all. He lives without law because He IS “law”.

What was necessary, was for him to convey to us who He is, and how we can become at one with him. Because the creation is just the basic foundation of the intended final product or result, He needed to address us in ways we were capable of understanding.

For those who are acquainted with Him, with his Spirit, they need no laws, because His very nature delivers to us the understanding, gained through Jesus, that He is love and all things need therefore to be of that same nature as Himself, LOVE.

Now we have to see that the way we come to understand this is because he gave His son’s life for ours. We love because He first loved us. He gives us the Spirit of love, which is his son, and is essentially He himself. We intimately Know him by this means. We become at one with Him, His heart with our heart, His Spirit with our spirit, We become “partakers of the divine nature”.

In essence we become God, or more correctly, we become Jesus, or as Jesus. We do not need corrective laws to guide us because we have the law giver living inside us, His Spirit, LOVE.

The law was made for law breakers, and therefore was temporary until law breakers were brought to their senses in Christ. We now are a part of the perfect “law” of love. “Love does no harm to its neighbour, therefore love is the fulfilling of the law”. The fulfilling of the law was also the abolishment of the law. Those who live under law have a constant reminder that they are law breakers, and as law breakers they will continue to break the law because they are enslaved by that which is enshrined within it. (death).

So essentially, there is no law, and therefore all things are lawful, since the law system for believers has gone, and the Spirit system is left. It is a matter of two covenants and you are either in the one or the other, the covenant of law which is death, or the covenant of life which is love.

So Christians do not operate to law, therefore there are no laws (other than the “law of the Spirit of life in Christ”) and so no laws can be broken. Christians operate to a higher law to which they are far more accountable, that being the very nature of God himself. If they are living within the love and forgiveness which is the very heart of God, any wrongdoing they may perceive to do, is fully accountable within the heart of God Himself. But they are not normally doing wrong if they are born of Him and are legitimate sons and daughters of the living God. In this context, “All things are lawful”.

[His law is love] [The Spirit can be grieved] [later edit – if you are led by the Spirit you are not under the law] [against such things there is no law]


4 thoughts on “ALL THINGS ARE LAWFUL [429]

  1. Thanks for your comment, BUT “Because you sit in Moses seat…” Your CRM is Catholic based, so immediately has no credibility with me. There is little point in addressing your comment head-on other than to note that you are using a law premise as your spearhead, so again, zero credibility. You are using a small new testament (covenant) reference to attack the totality of the new testament (covenant) content upon which this article is based. Commandment brings with it the connotation of law, and Christians are not under the law, which brings death. I guess your comment is because the Catholic system so heavily addresses their constituents via the concept of sin, thus validating priestly [old testament/covenant] control. As you have already noted, the New Testament addresses the subject of sin, and it is an overview within this overall context that the article was written. The mature Christian understands that any deviation from love which is the nature of God and now his new nature also, is resolved within the nature of love it (Him)self. John also said ‘He does not sin, in fact he said CANNOT sin, BUT if he does sin…’ The meaning is fairly clear within the given context that the term sinning Christians is hopefully an oxymoron. “All things are lawful” because God does not deal with his children on the basis of law, but on loving relationship.


    • Hi Amber, thanks for your comment! The basics of it are the same as everything else, There really are no laws, there is only God and His love. His love, his nature and his very being, are the only “laws” that truly exist. “The Law” is a Jewish thing. Jesus came to reveal the love of God by himself being the expression and definition of love. So we are not “under” a system of law, we are “involved in” a “system” of grace, of loving forgiveness. “against such things there is no law” (Gal.5-23). “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death”. (Romans 8-1). The law becomes for us the law of sin and death. Jesus abolished the law (Ephes 2-15) by fulfilling it. “And so we have come to know and rely on the love God has for us”. (1 John 4-16). Hope this helps. [The “atonement” is of similar ilk in that it is the love of God that draws us and forgives us so it is the nature of love that is the active ingredient rather than some lawful factor involved. It is put on a legal footing for our understanding]. [See James also]


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