There are those who deny the existence of a supernatural Spirit, God’s Spirit. To be more specific, they deny that this Spirit can come to men and be involved in man’s affairs. Even more specifically, they deny the gift of the Spirit as was given at Pentecost, is the same gift given to men today. This Spirit is the lifegiving Spirit that Jesus became. “I am with you, and will be in you”.

So they have to say that only the Apostles were able to have this gift, or that perhaps it extended to their “children’s children”. If the Pentecost experience were not so dramatic, they would find a way to discredit that, also. And regardless of supernatural manifestation of the Spirit, this same Spirit is of course involved in the salvation process, but is something they want to twist into something that is intellectually conceived and explained in natural terms.

Therefore when they run into problems be they health or be they marital, they are “on their own”, with no understanding of the personal intimacy involved in the believer’s life between himself and God. After all, if you deny that Jesus directly interfered in the relationship between you, sin and God, and that he directly dealt with sin in his own body to enable your understanding of His rescue of mankind by the action of his love, and deny that this was His actual forgiveness of mankind, then you will be unable to cope if you think you have to deal with things yourself, and you think you are directly responsible for your own salvation.

No man can copy what Jesus did, he had infinite resources of righteousness. Yet when we allow Him into our core being, His Spirit is able to draw on those same resources to have direct effect on us also. Denying this effect denies the power of God and sets up a religion “having the form of religion, but denying the power thereof”. He draws us into His righteousness by the very Spirit of righteousness. Denying the permanent effect of the cross of redemption leaves them hanging on a series of temporary forgivenesses, similar to that which the old covenant employed, where the conscience is in a continual state of flux. This is a denial of God’s all covering love which is freely given and which/who does not need to be petitioned in this regard.

This supernatural Spirit brings God’s heart and love to us directly and now embraces our conscience so that there is a heightened sensitivity to all things outside of that love. To deny his intervention in the daily events of those who love him is to deny that his very love intervenes for us and also amounts to denying his will for our lives.


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