In the story, The demons were sent into a herd of pigs and then into the sea where they drowned. Are we to really believe that this was the end of the demons? Would not the typification of the demon situation be that they returned to hell where they came from?

By “entering into the pigs” there could be seen the apparent transfer of the demented manic influence, from the man into the pigs, where the pigs now supposedly deranged with the same mental disability that the man had, ran wildly into the sea and were destroyed.

Mark 5-15 has the man sitting, clothed, and in his right mind.

Many primitive societies believe in evil spirits, which seem to get the blame for everything. It is common amongst certain tribes etc. The Jews were not into superstition like many groups were. It was not until other influences entered that a lot of superstition started to gain acceptance such as is seen in the N.T.

[The demons implored him but we have already seen that it was the man who was doing the imploring]


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