I prefer not to go where I am not led, but sometimes one seems to fall into certain subjects. I recently commented on a post re Revelation but went outside my comfort zone in some respects.

Revelation to me is a bit like Romans 6,7 and 8, in that it does not appear to be in sequential order, and Revelation does not appear to be chronologically ordered. I found Revelation to be a series of events which are repeated in seeming parallel versions of the same story, if this makes any sense.

Out of Revelation I gained insight into “The one who takes part in the first resurrection will not be harmed by the second death” issue, and out of this came my understanding that the matter of end times would be according to the “Amillennial” view as opposed to other popular ideas.

Along with this it appeared obvious that the “falling of satan from heaven” etc. was actually the occasion of the cross, whereby all accusation was stopped by the sacrifice of Christ. Also there was the episode of the disciples returning and Jesus saying about “I saw satan fall like lighting…”

So I do not agree with the 1000 year reign, or with much of the popular interpretation of Revelation, or of pre-millennial versus other ideas or rapture timings. I do see that to hold some of these popular views is leaving oneself open to deception if the “antichrist” were to pop up and say “I’m back”..  When Christ returns it will be all finished and no second chances.

Interestingly I just had a conversation with a friend who detailed two UFO sightings which he described as quite startling occurrences.  So if some silver craft lands in Jerusalem and a white clothed being emerges, many of the “Christian” world would flock to whatever agenda was put forward, and true believers would fall victim to the followers of this supposed Christ.




  1. I agree with your assertion. I see revelation as a cyclic book of the same story, but each time the story is told, the circles get wider. I am not sure I agree with your interpretation of the fall of Satan being at the cross…but it certainly is plausible so I won’t say your wrong, merely that it doesn’t feel “true” in my Spirit. This may simply mean the Spirit isn’t dealing with that particular subject with me or it could be that it isn’t true. However, I enjoyed your post very much.


  2. Thanks Jeff. It is good we concur on the cyclic nature of it! Yes there is still a bit of understanding to be had over some things, I am still ongoingly grappling with some doctrinal issues. My posts tend to be a bit “weird” at times, so I am glad you liked this one! Thanks for your comment!


  3. Hi Jeff, I am initiating a new comment to hopefully bring it to your attention. I want to elaborate on the satan fall from heaven thing. As you have observed from Revelation there is a deal of complexity and repetition, and complexity seems to be the problem with all scripture. A basic premise is “The fear of death, by which all men are held in life long bondage.” Then we have “For the sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law, but thanks be to Christ…” The bondage to death which we were in due to law has been broken by the death of Christ. Sin and death had authority over us because of law, but now by the sacrifice of Jesus has lost that authority. It is the “accuser” that we find in the flesh (see Romans 7) who/that has lost power to accuse anymore. The cross broke the power of sin to “hold us to ransom” and we are now free of its power. Hence the devil (diabolos) or satan (adversary) have/has lost its/his power over us. Jesus tasted death for every man to free men from the power of sin and death. Don’t know if this helps, but there it is. [Romans 7 “Wretched man that I am, who will set me free from the body of this death?”] Romans 7 seems to be a ‘microcosm’? of the overall reality? Because of the cross the accuser lost his power, he “fell from heaven” IE his place of authority ‘in the high places’. Thanks.


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