Loneliness and Depression REBLOG [541]

REBLOGGED thanks Sharon, a beautiful testimony. CDEPRESSION

Beat Depression & Anxiety


It is astounding how many people suffer from the silent affliction of loneliness.

It brings shame, as the lonely often feel there is something about them that is undesirable and unworthy of natural human attention.

It brings fear, because the lonely wonder how will they cope in an emergency, or at a season like Christmas.

It brings guilt, because introverted people and those suffering from social anxiety feel it’s partly their fault; as they favour their own company and detest parties and crowds. They feel they have pushed people away by their natural inclinations.

It brings depression, because they cannot readily share a joke, a recipe, a funny film, an anxious moment, a complaint or even a prayer.

There are literally thousands, if not millions of incognito WordPress bloggers who regularly post about loneliness and how isolated they feel, even in company.

As I read each…

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