The Jews are expecting two Messiahs – Christians expect the false prophet and the antichrist.

It appears there is an evolution of the creation and an evolution of the thinking of man in God’s time. The old testament and its derivative, the Jewish teachers, have formulated ideas that go against the Christian understanding of God’s purpose and his activity towards mankind.

According to David Rice and others, the Jewish world is following a mistaken concept of the Messiah and forthcoming events regarding the antichrist, and is, along with the rest of the world, heading for the great deception that appears to be coming.

Although the Old testament of Jewish writings is admirably constructed and reveals much of God himself, compared with Christian writings it is woefully inadequate. One can’t help but see it all as some kind of evolution of the revelation of God to man. A progressive unfolding of the creation he has brought into being. Some of the writings of the Jewish teachers apparently are as bad as those whom they oppose, which call for the killing of their enemies, and whereby all who do not conform to their religious ideas are considered, like their opponents, to be infidels. A bit like xxxxxx really.

The two messiahs of the Jewish concept are the same person in Christian belief, but separate in Jewish thought. They see a murdered messiah followed by a victorious one, but this describes Jesus perfectly, but they can’t see it at all. If there is to be a revealed antichrist to do with happenings in Jerusalem, and there is no immediate wipeout of the world at large, then mass deception will result. When Jesus returns it will be in fire and flame, in an instant, and there shall be no escape. There will be no literal setting up of a 1000 year “millennial” reign from where Jesus and his victorious followers will rule over the ignorant masses, there will only be smoke and ashes. So if someone (the antichrist) appears in Jerusalem claiming to be the long awaited messiah, the majority of people will be fooled.

As a matter of interest I include this link to David Rice’s post.


[Two persons of interest are the false prophet and the antichrist].[The NT book of revelation also speaks of one who was mortally wounded but then healed]

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