When God’s nature, Spirit, is resisted, law emerges as a result. This law can be tabled and documented, but is really just a passing phenomenon of the moment in the given situation. Of course, there  are many situations which are common and repetitive, so writing them down then has relativity for others as well.

The law is an indicator of resistance to Him, His Spirit, His will. It is a measure of opposition and rebellion, and carries with it the measure of the level of conflict which it is causing. This level of conflict is measured in the suffering that results from the opposition, in God it is the suffering of love, and in man it is called “wrath” or “punishment”. The person recognises it as wrath or punishment*, and as being the direct result and consequence of the resistance offered against God and his will.

The problem then is, how to change this situation? If man is recognising God, His Spirit and His love as “wrath”, what can be done?

God then has to explain himself in a definitive way that cannot be misunderstood (Oh, but how it is misunderstood!). He has to introduce a “law” that cannot be repealed or altered or circumvented in any way, it has to be absolute and complete. So He sends His son to die on a cross as a sacrifice for sin. He establishes this as a law, that the reason for sin and death is gone, there is now no longer any valid reason as to why we should allow this sin and death to have power over us any longer, and therefore we do not HAVE to produce it anymore. Yes there may be some strain in the change, but generally speaking, taking this premise on board, will be life changing, and forever.

The only thing is, we have to believe it. We have to believe HIM, and that means we have to believe that He exists. And if we really believe He exists, he will say why did we not believe Him? As Jesus said, “Why do you call me Lord and not do what I say?”

And if we really believe He has taken away our debt to sin and death, we will return to him who is Life itself. [And He will return to us]. The power of sin and death is broken when we trust that he has broken it. The covenant of death in which we trusted and relied on to separate us from a God who was considered vengeful, has gone. In its place there is a new covenant, a new agreement and arrangement, where He takes away our death and gives us the Spirit of His life.

The general law in play was “The law of sin and death”, which meant that if you sin, you die. Adam died within himself, having created the law of sin and death by bringing its reality into his very being, and was kicked out of heaven because heaven is no place for sin or death, only of life.

The key to all this? God is not law or a law and does not operate by law or laws, God is Spirit and life and love. He only ever wants the best thing for his children, and the best thing for them is HIM. So laws which are inferior representations of spiritual realities are nothing to do with Him. [Moses gave you (Jews) the law]. God’s only law is love, which seeks to repair all the damage done by man’s interaction with LAW. Whether that law be Moses originated or simply the natural laws of sin and death as they occur in general living, in “normal” (human nature) life.

We were “slaves” to the laws of sin and death, we were trapped by them and overpowered by them. But He has released us from these laws that enslave us by the sin they empower. “The sting of death is sin, and THE POWER OF SIN IS The Law.” The law or laws were temporary arrangements to try and control man’s behaviour, and also to demonstrate to him that they could not, and man could not.

Thousands, millions of laws, there is one for every wrong process that has ever gone on inside man or has  been manifested by man. Every thought has had its associated law which has been written in the conscience to defile it and ruin it before God, before goodness, before righteousness. Every unrighteousness that has ever emitted from the human form and the human consciousness, has somewhere been recorded and retained against us. And now these laws of sin have been rendered “null and void”, as far as East is from West, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. “Love keeps no record of wrongs.” Law-keeping in all its forms has been banished from the land.

Goodness and mercy now abound towards us, not that they ever did not do so. But we kept the record, we condemned ourselves, and we refused to return to him, the “Father of lights”. Now there is no reason NOT to return, and not to do so is to condemn ourselves as unworthy of his love and his loving forgiveness as evidenced in and by the body of His Son. The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death. Be free in Him, take hold of the freedom he has bought for us, in the knowledge that He has bought us back from the power of sin and death. Embrace the “law” of the freedom of the Spirit of life to live free of all other law or laws.

[He has made you worthy].[His law is love].[Love is the fulfilling of the law].[*because man carries the guilt, God does not.][see also “Our wrath and his love” 737 ]


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