Although we say that man was made with the ability to choose right from wrong, and this is where it all went wrong because Eve decided to make the choice to entertain the thought that cropped up in her mind, that God was perhaps being devious with his prohibition on the tree; she actually had little choice because she had been “set up” for the fall due to her inherent inquisitive nature.

Scripture does not really say that we have a choice, it rather plainly says (Jesus said) that “The one who sins is a slave to sin”. And as it also says, that all have sinned (and most if not all continue to sin) then there is no choice, because we are all slaves, and a slave has to do the will of his master, and indeed does do the will of that which has “mastered” him.

So being slaves, without our own will, or at least without a will we can put into effect*; means that we DO NOT have a ‘FREE’ will. That we are captivated by the principle of an unwilling propensity to sin, and therefore we continue on our merry way in sin death until we die. UNLESS something or someone authoritatively breaks the chain of command.

And if and when that change in command comes, we become captivated to the new authority of the law of love (not the love of law) and again we become a captive slave or servant to the will of another.

Of course we could become captive to many things, including law or religion, (or religious law) all of which though, simply hold you within the arena of sin death. This means that the reality lies with either the one master or the other, life or death, as represented by God/Jesus/Spirit OR BY Sin in its various forms.

And all sin comes down to that which had its origin, being and power in LAW. Not that we want to be without law, which is lawlessness, but to be under the law of love and righteousness which is from and by his Spirit, his very essence of being.

Just as sinners are under the compulsion to sin, so Christ’s brothers are under compulsion to NOT sin, because they have been captivated by his LOVE. “We loved because he first loved us”.

So the “law” of freedom is one which is obtained by attachment to Him who IS THAT FREEDOM, the perfect law of liberty. To be captive to sin is to be enslaved to death, to be enslaved to God who is love is to be truly free. “For the law made nothing perfect, but the bringing in of a better hope did”. Rom.8-2. FOR THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT OF LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS HAS SET YOU FREE FROM THE LAW OF SIN AND DEATH.

Only when you accept that you are freed from sin and death can you truly be free to say you have freedom of will, and a choice.

The only time apart from the above, when you DO get a choice, is when the SPIRIT clearly presents the cross to you, [or when the cross clearly presents the Spirit to you] and you then have the choice to accept Him or reject Him.

*[Paul in Romans chapter 7 (Verse 19)][unless the person has been enlightened, they may not have the knowledge to realise that they are in captivity]

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