The destruction that God will bring upon His enemies will come by His LOVE. During our lifetimes, His Spirit works to change us from our own basic selfish nature, to the nature He intended for us, eternal loving nature. We can allow His Spirit, his love, to change our hearts from hearts of stone to living hearts that produce love, or we can resist Him and further harden our hearts to prevent Him entering any closer.

If we allow His love inside us, He will wear away and destroy all that is not of Himself. He, His spirit of love, will combat our fleshly nature and destroy its destructive properties and install the nature of His own son in us, so when we are “examined” for worthiness of eternal life, we will not be found wanting. Just as He destroyed within Himself the components of our earthly nature, so too as we submit to him will we also find power over our internal enemy.

Just as love deals with our defeated nature so as to restore us in this present life to those who have accepted him fully, so also will love, at the end, deal with non-loving defeated nature that has not been restored, and dismantle it completely, yet complete with smoke.

[Love destroys the enemy who is not love]

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