Do we go to heaven when we die? NO. Do we go to heaven when Jesus reappears? NO. there will be new heavens and a new earth and we will be on the new earth, not in the new heaven.

Our only association with heaven is while we are alive, when, as new born creatures of God in Christ, we are raised in consciousness with Him to where He has ascended, “Heaven”. From there, this place that Adam forsook, we are to act as kings and priests. Why do people say that the 1000 year reign of Christ will be on earth, if that is where the Kings and Priests are also to be? If it speaks of us as ascended to heaven with Him and ruling with Him from there, as a consequence of belief and baptism, how can they say it is on earth? And it is also the old earth not the new one.

By faith we, as earthly creatures, behave as heavenly ones, in obedience to the image and Spirit of Jesus that is given us. We, though in earthly form, follow both Him and the Spirit [the same thing] in obedience to that which is placed before us as children of  “the most high”. Living with the new parameters of forgiveness and love to which we previously were strangers, we follow his desires and his will in relationship to Him and to others.

While there well may be a “heavenly reward”, it will come from heaven to us, we will not go to heaven to receive it, but when Jesus returns he will present it to us, “in the air”.

We pray to Him in heaven via the Holy Spirit of His presence in us, it is by the Spirit that we are actively in communication with Him and He with us, by the oneness of it. Experiencing heaven while on earth is open to us as we become one in Spirit with him*. But all by faith. [Work out your salvation now, there will be no “purgatory”].

[“In the air” could mean “in the Spirit”?][People also experience hell on earth by the spirit of death][Conformed to the image of the son]



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