LIFE IS GIVEN TO YOUR MORTAL BODY (now) (Part 2) [1061b]

This is an addition to post 1054 of this similar title, in which I was reluctant to assign any major emphasis of this verse Romans 8-11 as being significant insofar as being the actual action of regeneration and salvation, not to mention resurrection.

I now see this verse as being the key to the overall premise of scripture in this area, IE that it is in itself, the essence of the description of the salvation process. That the action of the indwelling Spirit is to regenerate not only the spirit, but also the body. That our understanding should be that the act of participation in the “First Resurrection”, which is Jesus and HIS resurrection, is the act of faith that gives over one’s whole life to the understanding that participation in Christ’s resurrection means that we are participating in the whole premise of the First Resurrection as by faith being the actual and same resurrection we are to experience when Christ returns; except that we hold this in hope and trust of the eternal ‘spiritual’ body replacing our existing ‘mortal’ one.

To accept in total what God has given us, means we have to operate in faith of the new world* for us, already being in place. That to be true to the premise of having been raised with Jesus into heaven with Him, from where we operate as kings and priests, requires a full commitment to the premise of life eternal, AS EMBODIED IN OUR PRESENT EARTHLY BODY. That the manifestation of God should come from us towards the world just as it did with Jesus in His life on the earth.

How else is there to be ‘spiritual power’ if the ‘conditions’ of belief are not fully met? How else can we reconcile Jesus words about ask what you will and it will be done for you, IF YOU HAVE CONFIDENCE IN HIM unless you do have that full confidence through full compliance with His ‘conditions’ of faith? [IE to fully believe what we are supposed to be believing]



I am talking about the manifestation of faith, rather than that of love, but of course the one must follow the other.

Romans 8-11 says “But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who indwells you”.

This appears to be the foundational premise of life. The Spirit is quite capable of giving life to our bodies just as it does to our spirit. The body as host to the Spirit, and to our spirit, is not the same as the flesh in theological terminology, but then again, is it not? The overcoming of the flesh is to say the overcoming of our natural human nature, which is nothing if not ‘bodily’, and just as Jesus overcame HIS, perhaps we also, by the ‘polarisation’ of our spirit and flesh, but by grace the interaction of the two, are enabled by the Spirit, by faith, to overcome the natural tendencies of the “flesh”. [In of course, the understanding that they HAVE been overcome by Him, for us].

So to manifest by the intention of faith, by the permission and authority and power of the Spirit of life, the proposition of bodily resurrection NOW, should surely be the understood position of all believers.

*[Kingdom now][Though your body is MORTAL, it is nonetheless given life (which is the life which will be evident in the new spiritual body at resurrection)(Which you hold/have by faith)

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