A famous preacher was once asked what was the most profound theological statement he could make. He replied, “Jesus loves me, this I know, coz the bible tells me so”.

Recently a friend brought up the matter of  “give your heart to Jesus” and “let Jesus into your heart”. This, I believe, is to me probably the most profound thing of all. The heart is the thing that needs cleansing – it is the seat of all our emotional discernment and injury. It is the source of the worst of man as well as the source of all that is the best of man.

The false ego or self that is built up as a protection mechanism, has to be displaced by “the real deal”, something which strikes at the root of the problem and gets the job done. Those who have accepted the truth of the matter of Jesus taking our sin, may then experience emotional responses where previously there were none, or at least, no good ones. This means that the ‘heart’ is working again with renewed sensitivity to God and the issues of truth.

In the knowledge of Jesus having removed our sin, further excursions into doubtful territory may invoke an emotional response now based on His forgiveness of the pain of such things, as our conscience now feels them, rather than a response which continues to stonewall the impact of all and any such sensitive matters.

[Another contender would have to be “Abba, Father”]

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