Many people are TRYING to be children of God, and many groups assist this wrongness of thinking because it is to their personal advantage to promulgate the gospel in such a way.

We don’t have to TRY to be His children, because we ALREADY ARE His children, and it is the TRYING that He loathes. For thousands of years He has been TRYING to get the message across that we belong to HIM. In the last days He sent His Son to speak to us to clarify the situation and to give us an understanding of the truth that WE ARE HIS [creation] and we are His children, some naughtier than others, but the main thing is for us to own His ownership of us instead of denying it and HIM.

It is the denying of His ownership [parentage] of us that denies us our birthright of eternal life with Him. When we surrender our self ownership to Him, we cease to be the “naughty” children, and become instead, the “nice” children. The difference though is that of life and death. If we continue to try and run our own lives, we continue to run them into destruction. If we allow HIM to run them, His supernatural presence will control and guide us in HIS ways of loving forgiveness that will mean life for all. For those around us and all those we come in contact with, just like Jesus did.

You ARE a child of God, but you can continue to deny it BY your “trying” to be one. Accept that you are His. He has now “bought” you with the life of His Son. He has purchased you with the ‘blood of the lamb’, a costly self sacrifice to bring life to all who will ACCEPT it and Him along with it. Life is a gift, we have to accept it (Him) as a child, with Him being our Father. We are already His children.

[“What must we do, to do the work of God?” “This is the work of God, to BELIEVE in the one whom He has sent“]

2 thoughts on “YOU DON’T HAVE TO TRY TO BE CHILDREN OF GOD [1064a]

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