The examination of God as life force, or the examination of Him as some rational, logical kind of “space man”, denies the complexity of the creator and His creation. Ultimately we are brought to the conclusion that without intimacy there can be no God in us that would even begin to represent the God who actually is.

Our destiny is to be brought into representation of Him by means of the reproduction of Him in organic form, using our bodies as the platform to do this. In this way we become parts of Him who represent His Spirit, His Spiritual nature, in us, as a copy of His divine Son who became our pilot in this creative endeavour, and that this organic representation itself is to ultimately be brought into the presence of God.

To do this it is necessary for us to accept Him as the forgiver of our natural natures, so we can proceed hand in hand with Him as friend and “lover” so to speak. That His reproduction in us provides the fullness of identity and completeness of the resource we needed in order to be able to fulfill the “mission” with which He has entrusted us, that of receiving and manifesting His Spirit while we are still in our earthly lives.

Which brings the question then, is God ONLY Spirit? If we become new creatures whose “body” is raised like Him, to be with Him, as Jesus was; then we might have to begin to accept that this new nature we gain through and of Him, is also HIS nature, that God himself has the same nature and appearance as His Son. Otherwise, we would have to accept (as many of us probably have done) that the raising of the physical body was just some kind of halfway position for the purpose of giving us some kind of understanding of a matter we would otherwise be incapable of understanding.

The matter of Jesus being raised into the sky, to be then hidden by cloud, or “a” cloud, seems to be obviously contrived to show that we were not in a position to be able to know the exact manner of this happening, and therefore the exact nature of His substance. But we are told He is to return in the same way, indicating that His substance will be exactly as it was when He left, and in conjunction with the eating and drinking that He partook of before He departed us last time, we have no choice but to accept His present state of being, to be exactly in accordance with His Father’s state of being, and also that which our own state of being, will actually BE.

Which has me wandered far from the original statement about God being organic in us (and as he would have been in Jesus also). So our spiritual state and destination will be a direct copy or transformation of the state which we now hold, in terms of our “compliance” with His nature, which we achieve by the transformation of ourselves from those who live to the “flesh” [bodily human nature] to those who, in overcoming (by faith) that “flesh” or basic nature of humanity, to have transformed within us all that is possibly capable of such transformation, in defiance of the natural state in which we began.

The nature of the free gift given us in the form of His Spirit, the Spirit of truth, the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, is the means and the person of the Spirit God in us who transforms by faith in His strength of being towards us [love], our very basic human nature into something far greater than it began. It would be difficult then to assert that this basic human nature (“flesh”) was not capable of change and was out of reach of change to us, based on the magnitude of the power He has made available to us to do so.

What remnant “fleshly” characteristics still remain after the task of faith has been undertaken then, remain to be proved in the final fire, or also in the fire of the Spirit that may continue to root out such deviancies in the course of our lives, as we encounter these things in the form of opposition to His cause and ours. Jesus dealt with all of His “flesh” ‘and ours’ on the cross, and this is given us as being our victory also. What happened to Him on the cross, that which completed His status of immortality, is now gifted to us. We gain that status of immortal righteousness by FAITH in Him and His victory.

So while we continue to claim His victory, His overcoming, then we have it [Him] also, and that great divide, that great gulf between life and death, will remain so regardless of any ‘enemy’ which seeks to draw us and our consciousness back to our prior earthly status. We now have heavenly status which will not be removed regardless of the imperfections we may be conscious of. Our new body, now organic, will become spiritual as faith creates organic changes that are representative of Him in us, in conjunction with His Spirit that does this for us.

The promise of an eternity of life with Him, begins NOW.

[NOTE.. any explanation or description of God when compared with the vastness of the universe fails to capture the truth of Him. The closest reality is that God is love][Rom.8-11]

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