Here I wish to examine briefly some of the biblical concepts, precepts, analogies, types, patterns, shadows, metaphors, symbols etc. in one specific way.

That is, that man is portrayed as being various things to which we can relate. Specifically, that WE are symbolised as being the land or nation of Israel by the concept of ‘taking over the land, and destroying all the enemies encountered in the process’.

This relates to Jesus having gone before and wiped out all opposition FOR US, so we can claim HIS victory as being our own. That was just an example. Now I want to talk about different aspects of scripture as having symbolic, or spiritual meanings in a similar but more concentrated way.

Adam was kicked out of the “garden” and was prevented, encountered a barrier to returning. This barrier was the curtain that was torn in the temple, the curtain which separated the common from the holy place. It was his own conscience that had erected this barrier between God and himself, or the righteousness of God; from his own unrighteousness. Having betrayed love, he now judged himself unworthy. [Shades of Judas or Peter].

There was a division set up in his mind which was impenetrable. He felt estranged from God and from righteousness, he experienced guilt and shame from which he could not escape (He was a slave, in bondage to, sin of the sin nature).

“The devil” was likewise kicked out of heaven, lost his authority TO MAINTAIN THE VALIDITY OF THE “TEMPLE” CURTAIN. The separation from God (state of righteousness) in man’s mind* was no longer sustainable because of the permanent forgiveness of the cross.

The “great gulf” in the rich man and Lazarus parable is the same thing. Heaven and “earth” are separated by “sin”. Life and death, righteousness from unrighteousness. (Heaven and “hell”).

All of the suffering of man we can see as virtually one thing, that it is mental torment from being separated from the thing that gives peace, that is, LOVE and the source of it.

Jesus intervened for us and suffered this separation from God also. Adam (innocent perfection) lost his place and his flesh was then prone to corruption. Jesus (the second Adam) already HAD his “place”, was both  innocent and perfect also, but had ‘inherited’ Adam’s fallen nature, his corrupted body of flesh which also contained desires and temptations. He was made in every way like us, otherwise his victory would be hollow and contain no power.

Jesus “was in anguish in this flame”, that which is perceived to be the wrath of God is actually the wrath of man as he comes under the Spirit of God, or in Jesus case, as his righteous spirit met with the unrighteousness of the flesh WITHIN THE SAME BODY. This inner conflict is the pain and suffering of the combining of, the clash of, righteousness and unrighteousness, and a burning suffering results. Wherever love meets non love there will be a ‘burning’.

In the garden and on the cross the anguish was of the internal conflict, war being waged against the flesh, by the spirit, HIS spirit. The spirit of the son of God was defeating, healing his own body to restore it to its designed intention, but then beyond the natural, into the supernatural of the immortal body.

AND ALL THIS WAS GOING ON IN HIS MIND. This is the suffering of us all that separation (perceived separation) from God does to us. This is probably the affliction of most mental illness, that which is brought about by the absence of LOVE (God). And conversely, by the presence of guilt and loss and pain and shame, none of which can stand in the fire of His Spirit, of love.

God took action to restore our “state of mind” by removing the barrier that was partitioned across our mind, brain, thinking patterns. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for us, because we are removed from the death of our own being, thinking, existence: and we are instead introduced to new thinking centred on the absence of darkness and the presence of LIGHT.

In accordance with HIS will, Jesus died for us to reveal himself and his love, to “put us to death” through the body of Christ, regardless of how we thought about it, so that now being “legally” “dead”, our defective thought processes have been rendered INEFFECTIVE and therefore also “dead”. IF WE WANT THEM TO BE SO.

We have been buried with Him and resurrected with Him. We have taken part in “the first resurrection” THAT HE IS. We have been RAISED with Him, and now sit WITH HIM in “the heavenlies”. WE are now the “temple” of the Holy Spirit. WE reign with Him. WE are “kings and priests” with HIM. We have HIS authority while on this earth.

The OLD covenant (agreement with God) has been torn up [fading away] and a new one provided. The laws of sin and death which previously had been given to the Jews in an attempt to control “transgressions” are completely non applicable to gentiles, and in any case there is now the NEW covenant by which we are to live according to the SPIRIT (The law of the Spirit of life) which has now overcome and overpowered the LAW OF SIN AND DEATH, the Mosaic law. The Spirit of truth will lead you into all truth.

We are now also in “The kingdom” with Him, even though not yet revealed or manifested as it will be at the “END”, nevertheless we are kingdom subjects NOW and are supposed to be doing “kingdom work” (sounds like the JW’s?).

We have been saved, resurrected, covenanted, risen, and entered into the kingdom of God. And all by “faith”.

JESUS IS THE MISSING PIECE which by faith, belief, is added to us, to our makeup so we can now be complete, the jigsaw piece of LOVE and FORGIVENESS has now entered to make it all complete, to make US complete, by his Spirit.

This was God’s work, this is his final product as the sons of God roll off the assembly line into His Kingdom. The full restoration of mankind is nearly complete.

[If Jesus had fallen to temptation and made the stones into bread, the outcome could have been different, the “second Adam” would probably have become as powerless as the first]*[Heart is the better term]

[“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind”]

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