We contain fear because of what we are by nature, basically just fearful creatures to varying degrees. The bible says that the one who fears death is held in life-long captivity, is in bondage to that fear, and therefore to sin because of the fear of impending judgement, and therefore that judgement is inherent within us.

As knowledgeable people we are capable of self assessment, of self judgement, but when compared to any standard of righteousness ‘of self’, we fail the test miserably. It is by the mistakes we make that because we are capable of recognising them, we can also recognise what would have been the correct course of action to take, or the correct decision to make, invariably it should have been the opposite action or decision to that which we DID make.

This results in us being “scrambled” in our thinking, in our psychology, we end up in conflict, in turmoil of thought and action. The fact is that FEAR is irrational unless it is used with the understanding that there is an ultimate standard, an ultimate judge, GOD who knows all and controls all and has arranged that we should be conflicted so we might search for Him and His truth, His judgement, hopefully to arrive at the correct conclusion that releases us from the futility that natural life delivers us.

Until we ‘get there’, this fear of death, this lack of knowledge, this indecisiveness, prevents us from proceeding forth into life in a positive way without FEAR to confuse how we should be operating, which is to THINK GOOD and to DO GOOD. We cannot operate as “free” moral agents without being released from the captivity of fear, into the freedom of captivity to righteousness itself, to the one who IS righteousness FOR US.

The free flow of life has to come from a free flowing SPIRIT of life that has already set up within us the conditions of righteousness, so that instead of us legally referencing certain moral points or guidelines, we are already committed to that which has become recognisable within us as the perfect ‘legality’ of LOVE as being the perfect and complete righteousness of all. And JESUS dwelt on the earth to demonstrate to us just what RIGHTEOUSNESS looks like, that we might be able to recognise the Spirit by which He lived and died and rose again.

That Spirit of life was manifested at Pentecost as supernatural power, and subsequently as the power of life itself as Jesus is replicated in His believers. Having then CLARIFIED the issues of life and death and judgement, by believing Him we are freed from the fear of death to continue in life determined to serve Him and His cause, which is to do what is right so that the kingdom of LOVE be spread to all. But while we continue to fear, we will fear our every next moment in life because it involves inherent failure unless we have been released from all failure for all time, which is what Jesus has done for us. So that even if we “fail”, we do not, because He has forgiven and continues to forgive because this is what LOVE DOES.

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