And here lies the dilemma. What we are by nature, results in the problems of that nature. The only way to solve them is by introducing a different mindset, from one who has been through those problems, and emerged on the other side. Or from one who was always on the other side to begin with.

We need to have HIS mindset, one of love and peace, not one of crippling self delusion that goes around in ever decreasing circles until it runs the risk of disappearing down the black hole of despair and depression. We have an immense potential for success, but we only seem to be able to entertain failure, because of some strange set pattern of failure that appears as the inevitable consequence of being human.

So we try to eliminate our humanity by taking on superhuman aspirations and denying our vulnerability. We generate our own little worlds, but which still are constrained to fit within the greater pattern of humanity at large, and therein lies our downfall. If we remain within the jurisdiction of humanity, we die. If we however, rise above it in pursuance of that which is far greater, and actually catch the vision of it all, then we live, and will obtain confirmation of the higher will that enables us to continue doing so.

[Jesus entered into the darkness. See post 165]

EDIT.   You must be born again. Flesh gives birth to flesh but Spirit gives birth to spirit. Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die…but if it dies it bears much fruit. Must be born of water and the Spirit. This is like the flood to me. You were buried with Him in baptism. The Spirit will give life to your mortal bodies. A man must take up his cross and follow me. He who takes part in the first resurrection (Jesus) will not be harmed by the second death. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom. Unless a man be born again he can never see or enter the kingdom of God. He who believes has crossed over from death to life. He who believes in me will never see death.

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