First posted Feb.8 2021, now updated.

These two words cover most of what Paul was talking about in Romans 7. From 7:6 onwards, “we have been released from the law” he is now speaking SINCE that release. So if law is involved again, he must be going back over past events BEFORE that release occurred. And if chapter7 was simple continuity from chapter 6, LAW would no longer be “in the picture”.

Some people call Paul a “sinner” and I have been accused* of “lying with scripture” because they say he is “sinning” in R7, using where he said “I am the chief of sinners” to prove it. But he was speaking of his past when he was Saul the killer of Christians. And R7 does not speak of “sinning” but of the potential to sin, the inbuilt propensity to sin which lies in human nature, other than in the past “coveting” given as an example.

He talks about the law killing him and that as a dead man, he finds the PRINCIPLE of evil in him, and ends up as the wretched man who is made a PRISONER of the LAW of sin that resides in him. But which law, as a believer, since 7:6, would no longer have jurisdiction over him. (if he was speaking AS a believer, which he is NOT).

You see, he is DEAD in sin, dead UNDER the law. Not dead TO the law as was the explained end result in 7:6.

He is yet to be (hypothetically) ALIVE in Christ. That does not come until 8:1 and 8:2. The condemnation he is released from in chapter 8, is the release from the condemnation to be found in chapter 7. IE chapter 6 gets us to the release from the law (having died to the law), and chapter 7 explains the condemnation that came from that law, and chapter 8 proclaims release from that condemnation.

7:14 simply says that though the law might be spiritual in origin, that HE is NOT. And that since he is born OF flesh [not of spirit], only sinful results can be expected. And if we accept it as saying that “he has been sold into bondage to sin” then we can see that he has not yet (hypothetically) experienced the RELEASE from that bondage (7:6 “by which we were [once] bound”) that would be expected of a believer.

[CHRIST is not alive in him, SIN is alive in him because the LAW is alive in him][“he” (“I”) is alive in death] [living death]

UPDATE 13 August 2021. In his article he finalises by saying “What to do now? Simple, just keep at it… With good eisegetical skills you can prove anything…”

Well you know what? I am glad I “kept at it” in persevering with understanding Romans 7 because now I am solid in understanding it and cannot be dissuaded by people who have not sought to the uttermost to follow where the Spirit leads. While it is true that people believe what they want to believe, it is the desire to know the truth that will lead you into the correct truth, the only real truth, as He said “The Spirit of truth will lead you into all truth”. The correct view can be seen in my post “clinging to a counterfeit cross” which is the title of a (hopefully soon to be published) book by James P Shelly, but which ‘book’ can be seen on line at chapter 15 under the above title search. or use this link Also my post on this at post number 1654af

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