Here is a link to an article by “Ron” of “Scripture revealed” which alters the common idea of who or what “Antichrist” is, and may lead you to ask of yourself, ‘Am I of Christ or antichrist?’ The “Anti” part of “Antichrist” apparently does not mean ‘anti’ as in AGAINST something (as in against Christ) , but means OTHER THAN ‘Christ’.

THE FOLLOWING are some thoughts I had re the subject, prior to reading his article.

Possibly all of man since “the fall” of Adam (of mankind) places everybody in the status of “Antichrist” by virtue of the position of inner sin in denial of inner God.

So are you Christ or Antichrist? Are we our own Antichrist? All that applies to the wording of some of these particular verses could also apply to Adam and to us? Falling under the great deception could refer to the original fall of Adam and hence all of us.

By nature, from Adam, we are children of “the” Antichrist, “children of wrath”. [“You are of your father the devil and the works of your father you do.”]

But since Christ, we can be His children, the ‘children of Christ’, and not of (the) Antichrist.

It is one or the other. It is not to be considered strange then, that “the church” will contain Antichrists.

These antichrists use “the law” to further their cause of continuing the world of sin and death in defiance of Christ and His established victory.

The deception that continues is the same one exhibited in Eden, that law excludes grace, that forgiveness is not available, that God’s nature of love has not conquered all. [That Christ has not come in the flesh]. Those who disallow their own ‘conquering’, who disallow the King of glory, will remain conquered by themselves, by their own inner sinfulness, the kingdom of which is established within.

Romans 7 is a litmus test of those who are Christ or antichrist, of those who want the power of sin discontinued, or want the power of sin continued in denial of the victory He bought us with.

[The normal view of this great deception is considered to be that of a futuristic emerging world leader who himself claims to be Christ, whom the world will ‘go after’ in allegiance to Him]

P.S. Some of Ron’s material seems to be more than a bit off the mark! – More to come on this in a post about his “End Times” article about “world without end”.


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