When one feels strongly about something it is hard to remain dispassionate about it, especially if you have put a lot into it, have a lot invested in it so to speak. Yet those who disagree with you can do so from a myriad of viewpoints, from a stack of doctrinal stances, and from a maize of theological and academic backgrounds.

Sometimes, it appears as if that person is coming from such a weird set of thought patterning and pre-disposition to defend their particular doctrinal mindset, again because they have so much invested in defending their position, that it is almost impossible to engage with them on a logical level.

Now, I KNOW how difficult this passage is, and I DO understand the process of connecting arguments in such a way in order to conduct a defense of one’s thinking, so I AM sympathetic re His view. but it is like so many other doctrines based purely on academia instead of Spiritual reality, the complication they introduce is out of necessity to try and make their ideas stand up, instead of being based on scripture and revelation.

Derek J Brown has on the web an article about Romans 7 which is completely wrong and misleading, which falls into the same pattern of error as many others, simply because they are reading it from a biased perspective which is preset by their views on many other doctrines, many of which are also wrong. Scripture requires Spiritual revelation and not just academic analysis, and it is amazing how academics, probably because they have so many brain cells to play around with, are blinded to the simplicity of what Paul is saying, but yes I have already said it is not easy, precisely BECAUSE of preconceived notions about the subject.

But when read with eyes open to what Paul is telling us, it is not really that difficult at all to understand.

As far as going back and forth with arguments that are not actually based on the given text, one verse at a time, it appears useless to do because they are not listening at all to the Spiritual truths being investigated for our benefit and learning.

See also post 1794a

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