Sooner or later this blog must come to an end, there is only so much time available for investigation and speculation about various religious notions, but I will throw a few “out there” for anyone interested.

It is obvious that this creation appears to be very FAULTY, the story being that the first two people (humans) messed up and we inherited the ability to behave badly, both inherently and by bad examples set up as a result of these two [Adam and Eve] having investigated their inner ability to explore their thoughts and the actions resulting from them, based on a querying of the basic premise that they were under a prohibition which necessitated the exploration of why it was so, why had God said this thing and why had this other voice offered up a “rational” explanation for this situation to exist at all.

But this was inevitable, it was necessary that man be able to do this, that he not be a robot, but be resourceful and inventive and to explore his life in order to discover its ultimate ambition as set forward by the accepted authority (God) of life itself.

The creation, man, was in conflict with himself in his inner being, and was restricted and prohibited from expanding further towards the ultimate realisation and completion of the creation itself as being that which was originally intended.

This called for the initiation of ANOTHER stage of the creative process, which involved the Creator’s Son to come to earth as a part of this faulty creation, in order to “sort it out” and provide a way of re-entering that design which man had departed from, to his detriment and destruction. But it was all meant to be and was unavoidable, there was collateral damage along the way which was regrettable, but was a part of the necessary process of allowing man himself to decide his own destiny, otherwise the “robot” tag would apply – love would not be generated of its own will for its own sake, but be only of a manufactured robotic and mechanical nature.

So Jesus came not to “lay down the law”, [As Moses did] but to lay down His life so the law could find its fulfillment and completion in HIM, so He could satisfy those laws that constituted the mechanics of sin and death, and having negated them, restore the righteousness required for the production of life, by gifting this overcoming of sin and death to us, by virtue of Him becoming the very Spirit of life itself (Himself) as delivered at Pentecost. By absorbing into Himself the costly side effects of the necessary creative process, which He could and DID do by His own nature of love, He was able to legitimately and legally place it all aside as being already dealt with in the body of His Son, so that justice having been seen to have taken place in HIS body, we could then also legitimately apprehend that same Spirit of overcoming and victory, by which we might then pursue by faith and trust in this His truth, the reality of the same inner victory which He achieved for us on our behalf.

Because this occurs within this same “fallen” world, there will be opposition to the implementation of this action of salvation occurring within us, because it is not to the advantage of those who don’t and won’t believe, who may object to truth and purity being evidenced in front of their eyes, because it would show up their own corruption, as such was the case with the Pharisees of old, so it is also with the “Pharisees” of today. So “trials troubles and tribulations” are placed in the path of what might otherwise be a clear run to the “finish line”. These “troubles” are there to strengthen the faith of the believer, so that in all ways TRUTH is perfected (as it was in Jesus). We do not have to do as Jesus did, and this was why He did it for us. We simply have to pick up the “garment” of salvation that He provided for us to “put on” and to hold to the truth that He having already conquered all things has provided, so that we START with perfection once again, but THIS time all and any IMPERFECTIONS that may arise are already dealt with and done with, to the point that God now considers sin and death to be of no further account.

What He DOES consider to be of account is whether or not the person remains dead in sin or has by Christ risen to life. When He returns He will discover you either spiritually alive or spiritually dead.

There is no need of any records or books to be opened because you yourself will have become that very record by your “life’s work”; by what you have done and consequently whether or not by faith you have become, whether having been “brought to life in Christ” by His Spirit, or have remained dead under law sin and fleshly death, those things which He has already vanquished. “One died for all, therefore ALL DIED” (already) through Jesus, it is a matter of believing this or not. Positionally we have already been made to die with Him so that we might willingly then rise with Him to life also.

“Our God is a consuming fire”. Much is written about the fire of the Holy Spirit, which fire is intended to burn out of us all that is not of Him, in the lifetime He provides us for this purpose. It is written that every man’s work will be tested by fire, so that what is not of God (righteousness) will be burned up and consumed. When He returns IN FIRE, that which is only of this physical creation will be destroyed, consumed; but that which has gained spiritual value will be assumed into that Spiritual fire and joined to God in the form of the new spiritual body, the resurrection of the body being the stated aim of the Christian, NOT “floating off to heaven to join the ranks of harp players”.

ALL people will be resurrected into that now eternal flame, into the “oven” like the three men thrown into the fiery furnace, only Jesus was there with them, and they survived. In like manner will Jesus be with us when we undergo the various “fiery furnaces” of unpleasant experiences that THIS present life can inflict upon us, and then at the last day that “second death” experience which believers will survive but which unbelievers without [recreative] FAITH will not. “The earth and the works therein will be burned up” which speaks to us of the nature and occasion of what is called HELL, and is reminiscent of what is called wrath and punishment, which is simply cause and effect, except that because this is set against the background of God’s LOVE which is His very nature, the torment of this flame will happen in the full knowledge of it being God’s LOVE that is in action against us because we ourselves are in DENIAL of its already emotionally accomplished victory, intended to free our hearts from the absence of His love and to instill its flame deep within those previously “hardened” hearts. “Their hearts were cleansed by faith”.

And the new creation is revealed from amongst the smoke and ashes of the old.

The revealing of these new creation people should be noted in THIS life as they go about in this world as members of this new “kingdom” (of God), but unfortunately this is not as obvious as it perhaps SHOULD be because there are many “lukewarm” “Christians” in the world, and also people tend to be willingly ignorant of them, often being inherently blinded to the virtues which they may be displaying.

[The new resurrected body will be of Spiritual matter, and the transformation of the old matter to Spiritual matter may be seen to be a rearrangement of all known molecular and atomic nature to form this Spirit nature, OR a completely new form of nature presently obscure to us, OTHER than that which is NOT obscure which we recognise as LOVE]

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