Along with many other commonly accepted ‘old wives tales’ in Christianity today, there is NO “Millennial” or 1000 year reign of Christ. NOR are there two resurrections, those stated as being at either end of this “millennium” period.

So ALL of the stories about “rapture” and the timing of end time events, are ‘all out of whack’ because of the misunderstanding of scripture.

The only thing left in doubt is who will come first, the Christ or the Anti-Christ? If the function, purpose and meaning of “The anti-Christ” cannot be clearly defined, then such a ‘person’ or political event MAY NOT EVEN TAKE PLACE.

This would mean that those expecting the antichrist will in fact, be opposed to the coming of Christ. Not that this would matter because, contrary to millennialist thinking, there will NOT be a kingdom set up on the earth with Jesus ruling from Jerusalem, and His favoured followers exercising judgement upon all and sundry who do not agree with them; so the question is moot.

If on the other hand people are expecting Christ to return next, then they would not be disappointed, UNLESS they also are of the former description and are expecting a literal establishment of a literal “government” to be set up on this literal earth, again with Christ ruling from a literal country for example.

[By way of explanation it is true that there are two resurrections, but the former is the spiritual “resurrected with Christ” (born again) and the second is the (physical) actual literal end time event]..

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