This post may be a bit ambitious, but I just want to convey to you what a complicated mess this Christian religion has been made out to be, when it should be very simple. By the time everyone has had a go at crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s, the Christian faith has become a myriad complex labrinth and maze of intricate doctrines and doctrinal ideas and stances which form into different denominational groups, sects and cults.

There are “Calvinists” and “Catholics” and many other such people who have formed groups around one person’s interpretation of scripture in opposition to many another single person’s interpretation of scripture, so that the thing which may be of the simplest importance gets lost in this complicated rigmarole of nonsensical division over what amounts to hair splitting and choking on gnats while swallowing camels as Jesus said.

Events of the past and future are disputed in terms of reality and timing, literalness or spirituality, analogy or symbolism, or lost in some form of mysticism or other. Some like the Mormons climb right outside of conventional revelation to claim their own separate revelation of golden plates and angels. So we end up with raptures and multiple resurrections with many various ideas about what the kingdom is or means, what you have to do or be to get into it, or to qualify for it.

So there are complications about how you get to where you are supposed to be, and who you are supposed to be, which should not become such immense interfering factors in the gospel message as they indeed are.

So it may be beneficial to consider some reverse engineering, to work backward from this kingdom of God to see what it consists of and how we get to be there.

Firstly, the kingdom of God is said to NOT be a matter of eating and drinking. You can extrapolate that statement to include the rudiments of many ordinances and commands. The kingdom of God is said to be a matter of peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

So the next step backwards brings us to LOVE. Love is an essential ingredient and necessary requirement in order to be a member of the kingdom of God. No one will be in the kingdom who has not loved, and who does not love ongoingly. They must become of the same nature of God, which is to love and to be loving. The requirement is for us to be partakers of the divine nature. If you examine the divine nature you will find it devoid of all those things listed for example as being the works of the flesh. You will also find a list of the things that are present in the natural hardened heart.

All of the things opposed to the nature of God are to be found in the creature who is NOT in God’s kingdom or a candidate for the same.

There will NOT be an examination about your theological knowledge or your abilities to discern good from evil, because you will contain within you the one who has already performed this discernment and who has discarded that which is evil, so as to make available to us only that which is love, so that He (and we) choose love every time over anything else that is NOT LOVE and is not OF love.

You will love God if you love His Son and not otherwise. If you love God and His Son and everyone else as well, then you are a subject of the Kingdom of God. And, like the Spirit, love is light and never darkness, and is the only thing empowered to overcome darkness, because it already HAS. Jesus overcame the darkness in Himself to make available to us His light, the light of life.

The problem with all the nonessential beliefs is that they cause confusion and fill up those parts of you which need to be given over to His Spirit of love, being that the interpretation and presentation of these ‘errant’ beliefs is both variable, inconsistent, and often faulty, wrong, and in error of the truth.

Needless to say, the fact that scripture is given to HELP us becomes a betrayal by those who purport to know the truth yet have made an artform out of the lie.

God IS love and wants us to be so as well. Once you have love and are able to present yourself in this way (as Jesus did) to others, you can have confidence that you are on the kingdom pathway, that you are a child of God. It is indeed as Paul said, a matter of the simplicity of the gospel.

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